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You Don’t Have To Be A Cloud Chaser To Be A Vaper

Yes, vape devices create vapour, hence the name vape device. Exhaled vaper is virtually unavoidable just like exhaled smoke from a cigarette however, not all devices are designed to produce big thick clouds. The misconception that they all create massive clouds often discourages people who want to start vaping to quit smoking.

If you are wanting to start vaping or have another device that is more discreet, there are many device options to choose from. Having a basic understanding on how devices and their components work will help you know what to look for. This blog is going to go into these basics in a bit more detail and hopefully clear the air of any unwanted thick clouds.

How Does It Create Vapour?

Vape devices turn e-liquid into vapour using heat, very high heat. Either internal or external high-powered batteries are used to allow this to happen. The coil inside the tank uses a wicking material to absorb e-liquid that is heated by resistive wire or mesh. As the wicking material is dried by the heat and airflow, more e-liquid is absorbed. Unlike a traditional cigarette where smoke is continuously being produced from the burning tobacco, vapour is only produced during use.

Even though there are many types of tanks and many types of coils, the method of how they work is the same.

Tip – it’s very important to prime new coils prior to use. If the wicking material is dry, it will burn, creating a dry spot on the coil that isn’t able to absorb e-liquid.  Not only does it destroy the coil faster, it also makes a really gross burnt taste.


Discreet vaping is about being able to keep the amount and “thickness” of vapour being exhaled to a minimum. Airflow has two important jobs, the first and most obvious is vapour production. The second and less obvious is it cools the coil which also cools the vapour being inhaled. Ok so why is airflow important to know when selecting a device? In a nutshell, airflow intake = airflow exhalation. High powered devices are designed to work with high amounts of airflow to keep up with the vapour production demand. Lower powered devices are designed to work with less airflow as not as much heat is required to make vapour.

Selecting Your Device

Small devices are generally lower powered and these are an ideal choice. Pen and Pod styles are definitely the way to go and some of these device types still allow for airflow intake control.

These devices include ones such as:

Uwell Whirl S

Geekvape Aegis Pod

Joyetech D19 Exceed 

Vaporesso Luxe PM40


Selecting Your E-Liquid

It’s also not just about the device, Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) are the two main ingredients used in e-liquid. VG has a thicker viscosity to PG and creates bigger/thicker clouds. PG, being thinner doesn’t need as much heat to turn into vapour and is also suited for smaller devices. Just also be aware to drink plenty of water while vaping higher PG ratios as PG can cause dry mouth and dehydration.

Tips To Vape Discreetly

When vaping, its likely that you will inhale longer than you would compared to a cigarette, especially when you are just starting out. Air intake is faster than traditional cigarettes and more air is able to be inhaled.

If your device isn’t designed to be discrete there are vaping techniques that can help minimise the cloud.

  1. Take smaller puffs – Remember intake = exhale
  2. Take an extra breath between puffs – This will help ensure all vapour has been expelled before having another puff
  3. Wait a few extra seconds – Chain vaping can get the coil very hot and can heat e-liquid faster producing more cloud
  4. Turn down the power – If you able to! Reducing the power will reduce heat
  5. Restrict the airflow – If you are able to adjust airflow settings
  6. Try a higher PG ratio – High VG ratio e-liquids produce bigger clouds


Still Need a Little More Help?

Ask us! We can help recommend products to suit what your after!

If you have more tips and tricks or what your favourite discrete vaping device is, let us know in the comments below.

Happy Vaping!


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