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Why Is My Vape Making Crackling & Popping Sounds?

A common occurrence that can make you go hmm? The good thing to know is that it is a completely normal part of vaping that happens. So what causes it and should it be a concern? It does pay to learn about these sounds and what they mean as while most are normal, sometimes they aren’t. This can be a little difficult for newbies to know the difference however once you are used to your device, it’s easier to decipher. This blog is going to go into normal and abnormal vape sounds and how to diagnose a possible problem.

What’s Causing these Sounds?

Ok, so where do these sounds come from and what causes them? Light cracking, popping and soft hiss sounds come from the coil when the e-liquid is being heated and turned into vapour. These light sounds are completely normal and means your device is doing what it should. It’s also more common to happen when the e-liquid is cold when it comes into contact with a hot coil.

Device type, power output and amount of e-liquid also has an impact on how much sound is produced.

When it’s Not a Good Sound

Abnormal or bad sounds include louder popping and crackling followed by other noticeable changes such as unpleasant taste and spitting. When this type of combination is happening, there is an issue. Luckily most of the time its fairly easy to diagnose and fix.

First thing you need to do is inspect the tank and coil.

  1. If it’s new, chances are it has been accidentally over primed. This causes the coil to flood and the excess e-liquid to spit into your mouth and louder sounds. Removing the coil and letting the excess e-liquid to drain away can help save new coils that have been over primed.
  2. If the coil is old, chances are it is clogged. E-liquid can build up in the chambers of the coil which prevents even heat distribution. Replacing the coil is your best bet.
  3. Clean the drip tip! Condensation and e-liquid can gather in the drip tip. Removing it regularly and cleaning it will also help prevent spit back. Are you noticing excessive liquid build up in the drip tip? This can also indicate an over primed coil.
  4. Excessive e-liquid in a coil can also be removed by pressing the fire button for a few seconds without inhaling. Then blow into the mouthpiece while holding the fire button down to help clear it out.

Another tip is to avoid prolonged inhales. Sometimes this can overwork the coil by giving it more e-liquid than it can handle.

We recommend you check the O-rings and/or seals during coil changes for any signs of damage and replace if necessary. Need replacements? You can get them here. Don’t clean coils in water as it can cause the wire components to rust.

Check Your E-Liquid

Thinner e-liquid is another cause of coil flooding. You could either be using the wrong PG/VG ratio or your e-liquid is too hot. Make sure you check the recommendations for e-liquid ratios for your coils and device. Also keeping your e-liquid away from external heat such as a hot car or near a window. E-Liquid should be kept in a dark cupboard, draw or even the fridge.

Still Having Issues or Something Isn’t Right?

Give us a call or come into the shop and let us know what’s happening. We are more than happy to have a look at what’s going on and help you fix it!


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