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Why Is My Tank Leaking? 

Nothing worse than getting your hands and device covered in e-liquid. A frustrating occurrence that is generally caused by something.. but what? Many factors come into play with this issue so it can be a little tricky to know what exactly what’s causing it. This blog is going to go through the most common issues that can cause leaks and tips on how to fix and prevent. 

Coil Installation and Priming

The most common culprit is incorrect coil installation. When a coil is either incorrectly installed or not properly primed, the e-liquid has a place to escape. After all, it is liquid. Coils need to be firmly in place, not too tightly and not loose. Making sure it is threaded so no gaps are made for e-liquid to make it’s way through. Ensuring your coil is correctly primed is also key. E-liquid needs to be in a semi solid state so absorbent wicking material is used. This allows only small amounts of e-liquid to be heated at a time. After priming the new coil it needs to be sealed. To do that simply take 4 to 5 inhales in quick secession. 

Over-priming is simply too much e-juice in the wicking material. This is more common when new coils are primed manually. Excess e-juice in the coil isn’t able to be vaporised fast enough causing it to go into the drip tip and then mouth during use.

Be sure to change your coils regularly. Older coils aren’t able to vaporise e-liquid as they used too because over time, the wicking material burns out. This can lead to the wicking material not being able to effectively hold the e-liquid and allowing it to escape. 


We’ve all got a little too excited sometimes with our favourite e-juice and accidentally get a little carried away filling up the tank. Or sometimes maybe tried to add that little extra to go longer between refills? Either way, chances are you have over filled your tank. This causes the e-liquid to leak anywhere it can mostly externally but also into the internal coil chamber. If you have overfilled your tank, simply remove the excess. 

E-Liquid Ratio

Two main ingredients that make up e-liquid suitable for vaping is PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine). Both PG and VG are found in a number of consumables including food, beauty and medical products. VG has a thicker viscosity compared to PG, and is difficult to vape on its own therefore it’s mixed with PG. Higher VG % gives a smoother “throat hit” and thicker clouds. However, being a thicker consistency it can cause coils to clog more frequently. Because of that, higher VG ratios are not recommended for small coils as they can struggle to turn it into vapour. 

Make sure you are using the correct ratio for your coil and device. 

Tank Use 

Coils don’t like being left in a tank containing e-juice for long periods of time without being used. Not only can this cause e-juice to leak through the air slots, it can also flood the coil. Most wicking materials are made from absorbent natural resources such as cotton, wood pulp and bamboo. If these materials are left in liquid, over time they break down and deteriorate. If you use multiple devices and don’t plan to use one (or two) for a while, its best not to leave any e-juice in the tank. By removing left over e-juice you will help preserve the coil and won’t have a leaky mess to clean up. Just remember to prime the coil again prior to use.


Devices need to be kept in an upright position. You are guaranteed a leak if they are left on their side. When not in use, it is best to make sure it is in a spot where it cant get knocked over. If placed in a bag during travel, remove the tank from the battery and keep in a sandwich bag. That way if it does leak, it wont be all over the place. 

It’s also extremely important to keep all your vaping equipment in a cool dark place and out of reach of little hands and paws.

External Causes

External heat causes e-liquid to become thinner making it much easier for it pass through the wicking material. Especially in summer, when we have days and days of being in the high 30’s, keeping your device cool can help prevent the e-liquid from becoming too thin. You can keep your e-liquid bottles in the fridge, that way when you are topping up your tank, the e-liquid is already below room temperature. 

Keeping Your Tank Clean

Why clean the tank? Over time residue and gunk builds up which can not only affect the taste but the overall performance as well. Build-up can cause the device to have to work harder, leaking issues, spit back and a burnt taste. It’s not only the visual gunk that builds-up, but bacteria and other nasty’s that could make you sick. Keeping your tank clean on a regular basis can help avoid any issues that are easily preventable. More information on how to clean your tank can be found here

Checking the O-Rings when you change the coil is another good habit to get into. They do deteriorate overtime and are an easy fix by simply replacing them. 

Still Have Questions?

It can seem a little overwhelming at times because there are many reasons causing a leaky tank. At the end of the day however, it’s all about experimentation. To help narrow down your troubleshooting search, we are here to help! Feel free to drop by the shop, call or send us a message and we can help point you in the right direction. 

Happy Vaping!