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What is Your E-Juice Flavour Horoscope? 

Friday fun! Even if you’re not a true horoscope believer, how many times to you still read up on yours? Many astrological topics are thrown around from star sign vs star sign compatibility, daily and weekly outlooks and of course, specific traits.

So what does the cosmos say about your vape flavour?

Here are your vape flavours from the stars. 


January 20 – February 18

Known for being free-spirited and eccentric, Aquarians are rebels at heart. Independent thinkers who expect originality from everyone including themselves which is why most have unusual hobbies. Tending to overthink a lot, flavours that are easy breezy such as: 

Grape: Sweet plump juicy grapes that are succulent and seedless

Cola Cubez: Hard candy cola classic

Bubble Gun: Sweet and chewy strawberry bubblegum

February 19 – March 20

Emotionally aware and sensitive species of star sign they are also very creative and imaginative. Always going above and beyond to ensure happiness to those around them. No wonder Pisces are drawn to flavours such as: 

Spearmint:  Minty like the gum, this fresh vape will refresh your taste-buds

Sour Dragon: Refreshingly sour apple with a sweet after taste 

Jack the Ripple: Creamy and sweet raspberry ice cream

March 21 – April 19 

Passionate, confident and determined, Aires are honest even if sometimes it means the brutal truth. Their courageous and cheerful disposition lures them to bold flavour combinations such as:

Cool Green Slush: Ripe limes infused with an icy blast

Strawberry Kiwi: Fruit fusion of sweet plump strawberries and tangy kiwi fruit perfectly blended together

Forest Affair: Banging berries with vanilla and sweet spice


April 20 – May 20 

The bull! Very focused, logical and organised, Taurus are also known to be very generous and understanding. Having a stubborn streak can make it difficult to change flavours after they have found their perfect vape. An underlying romantic side however, creamy flavours are their weakness! 

Red Dragon: Dragon fruit laced with silky smooth cream

Vamp Vape: Rich and sweet caramel blended with coconuts and cream

Caramel Crunch: Crunch down on this caramel and butterscotch-infused flavour


 May 21 – June 20

Never a dull moment with a Gemini! Party starters, extroverted, quick witted and charming makes it hard to be bored when around them. This fun an playful nature will always make people around them smile. It’s this trait that has them attracted to flavours such as: 

Nice Lemon Slice: A classic lemon tart flavour with buttery pastry and sweet lemon curd

Green Apple: No need to peel the skin to get to that clean crisp sweet and juicy yet slightly tangy flavour of a green apple just pour it in your tank

Blonde Dragon: Bavarian cheesecake with lush strawberry


June 21 – July 22

Extraordinarily protective and loyal, Cancerians are also very creative and imaginative. These strong traits see them flowing with current trends and keeping deep dark secrets no matter how old they are. They are drawn to anything fresh smelling and tasting!

Mango: Mango makes it summertime in your mouth all year round with its sweet juicy bold tropical flavour

Cool Yellow Slush: Ripe sweet pineapple and mango with icy undertones

Clara-T: Electric blend that’s bursting with juicy red berries, fruity grapes with a cool refreshing menthol finish


 July 23 – August 22

This lion sign oozes big heartedness, compassion and natural leadership. Leo’s are known for their generosity which is great if you’re out of e-juice and they have some! You can also be sure they will have a great flavour as they can be well trusted.

F-Bomb: Mouth-watering fruit eruption that explodes on your taste buds

Vanilla Custard: Smooth sweet with no lumps and bumps. A creamy classic dessert favourite

Black and Blue: Blueberries and grapes with a strong aniseed candy bite and revitalising menthol after taste


 August 23 – September 22

Renowned for being perfectionists and very sympathetic. Virgos are very grounded however being perfectionists can make them extremely picky! With loads of mental energy they are methodical and quick thinkers and often tense and stressed, especially if something is out of place! This tends to lead them to calming flavours such as:

Blue Dragon: Creamy lush blueberry and Greek yogurt

RY4: Smooth tobacco and sweet caramel blended together with a hint of vanilla

Strawberri: Combination of sweet strawberry and raspberry with a dash of cream


September 23 – October 22

The scales that symbolise this sign definitely define the balance that Librans crave. A balance of harmony, peace and justice within themselves and their environment, Librans are intelligent and great at persuasion. Their well known trait often leads them to flavours such as:

Sherbet Lemon: The sweetness of sherbet with the tang of lemon, this flavour will have your taste buds feeling like they are in a candy store

Green Kelly: Perfect balance of sweet raspberries, tart cranberries and citrus lemonade

Iced Frappe: Kick back with this crushed ice coffee topped with whipped cream and chocolate

October 23 – November 21 

Fearlessly curios and profound thinkers. Once a Scorpio has their heart set on something, they generally don’t hold back. Because of this they can be persistent, passionate and strategic! Given these traits, they are drawn to flavours such as:

Passionfruit: Pleasantly sweet with its popular tang this tropical fruit sensation gives you a passionate vape

Smokey Dragon: Rich and luxurious blend of hazelnut and tobacco with a smooth smokey finish

Fairy Blood: Juicy and fruity pink lemonade


November 22 December 21

Spontaneous, fun and are known for being outspoken and talented. Lovers of freedom and are great conservationists, Sagies are also very loyal and compassionate. Their warm personalities gravitates them to combination flavours such as:

Green Dragon: Mostly melon with hints of mixed fruits and berries

Tropical Storm: Total tropical explosion of all the juiciest exotic fruits

Tutti Fruiti: A blend of sweet candy fruit flavours like apple, banana and hints of pineapple

December 22 – January 19

Sensitive yet practical and driven to do their best pretty much all of the time. Capricorns are very outcome driven and disciplined, at least when it comes to productivity, the same cant be said when it comes to their sweet tooth and rich flavour cravings! 

White Dragon: Rich and creamy dessert flavour with a light strawberry exhale

Dingleberries: A fruity twist on Vimto, the mixed berry juice

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: A creamy ice cream flavour favourite that gives you a dessert treat with every vape


Juice Bundles 

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