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What Is a Box Mod?


One of the most popular device types available but what is a box mod and what makes a box mod a box mod? Box mods are designed to have more power and other features that Pen and (some) Pod style devices don’t have. So are they for beginners or are they only for the more advanced vaper?

With so many different varieties of box mods on the market, there is one for any vaper. This blog is going to look at the Box Mod in a bit more detail and hopefully answer any questions you may have about them. 


What Makes it a Box Mod?

This 3rd generation device get’s it name, like many other device types, from it’s shape. They can be some of the most powerful devices on the market due to the high power capacity from either an internal or external battery. Having more power means needing a bigger space to store it which is a big contributor to it’s squarish shape. They also have features for personalising different settings, (will get into more detail about that later). 






What Makes Them Popular? 

Their ability to be completely customizable definitely sets them apart and gives them popularity. It’s not only the settings that can be changed, but they open the door for almost any 510 tank. Originally thought to only be used for cloud chasers and cloud tricksters, they have come along way in their development and can be used for so much more.  

Internal features include: 

  • Wattage settings (power)
  • Voltage (intensity)
  • Temperature control (for temperature control devices)
  • Chipset
  • LED or OLED display screen
  • Battery life indicator
  • Puff counter
  • Updatable software
  • Built in safety protections

External features include: 

  • Ability to have rebuildable tank options 
  • More range in tank choices (yes you can have one brand of tank and another band of device)
  • Option to carry additional external batteries (for external battery powered devices)
  • Longer battery life 
  • Produces better flavour 
  • Production of bigger clouds 


Could a Box Mod Right for You? 

The variety of different styles, shapes, power outputs and even colour options is almost endless. If you are wanting a device that offers customisation and more tank options then box mods are the way to go. 

If you haven’t used one before, it can seem like it’s going to be a big learning curve to be able to use it. But don’t let that put you off, they really aren’t that difficult to use. Like pen style and single button operated devices they have a fire button to use. The difference and what may seem daunting about them is knowing what settings to use. Majority these days have a built in feature that automatically sets wattage and voltage that match the installed coil. If they don’t, simply use the wattage range on the coil as a guide to where to start. 

It’s all about experimentation. Different coil types work better on certain settings. Once you have found your “sweet spot” you wont be changing the settings around unless you change the coil type. 

Important Tips

  1. With more power comes more responsibility. Battery safety is extremely important with any vape device but more care is needed when it comes to external battery devices. Even more so when additional batteries are carried around, making sure they don’t come into contact with anything metal (such as keys and coins) when in a pocket or handbag . Using silicone battery cases is the safest way to keep and carry additional batteries.  
  2. Batteries are not included for external battery devices. Make sure to add these when purchasing a mod and/or kit. 
  3. Check which external battery is needed for your device: 18650, 21700, 26650
  4. It’s not recommended to charge external batteries in the device using the USB. Use a battery charger (Nitecore) and leave the USB for updating your device only. 
  5. Always read the instructions that come with the device prior to use! 


Want To Know More About Our Box Mods?

It can seem a little overwhelming at times because there are so many varieties out there. To help narrow down your search, we are here to help! Feel free to drop by the shop, call or send us a message and we can help point you in the right direction. We can also show you how to set it up and how it works. 


Happy Vaping! 


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