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Is It Ok To Vape Around Computers?

Has it ever been a thought of what vaping around computers, laptops and gaming consoles can do to them? Does it even matter if you do? What could possibly happen?

So much has changed in 2020 with restrictions and lock-downs, we have all had to adapt in many ways. For pretty much all of us this has meant spending much more time at home. For a lot of us, having to work and study there too. Work attire may have swapped to staying in PJ’s all day and more importantly, outdoor vaping may have swapped to increased indoor vaping.

Maybe nothing has changed for you and you have always vaped around computers and thought nothing of it. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is, you could be doing damage without even realising it.

Computers and Their Parts

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External Dry Dust

Vape Computer blog

Internal Dry Dust

These devices are built with many small electrical components and being electric, parts get warm during use. To prevent overheating, built in fans run allowing airflow in and out to help keep the temperature down. Sure, they have meshing to reduce the amount of dust particles and things like pet hair being sucked through and circulating inside the device, but it doesn’t stop them all. Overtime, a build up of these particles forms and becomes thicker and thicker and regular cleaning is needed to remove it. Luckily, this type of matter is easy enough to vacuum or wipe away as its dry.  No doubt all of us have done that in the past, but how many have cleaned the inside of a computer? Dust particles and other gunk that has got past the mesh build up inside and can cause the computer to stop working efficiently.

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Internal Vape Damage

So, What Happens when you vape around a computer?

VG (Vegetable Glycerine) is a major culprit of leaving a film like residue on surfaces. If you have ever vaped in a car you will know what I am talking about being a small space and having to look out of glass windows, its more noticeable. Ok so, what has vaping in a car have anything to do with vaping near a computer? Like the build up you get in your car, the same happens inside the computer. A computer needs all of its components working properly for optimal performance. If one part isn’t working properly it can have almost like a domino affect on other parts.


Moisture + VG Residue = Damage

We all know electricity and moisture aren’t the bestest of friends so they should be kept away from each other. When exhaled vapour is (ok really sorry to use this word again) moist. As it gets circulated through a PC it sticks to, well everything. Not only is the “M” word not great for electrical parts, the stickiness of VG causes dust particles to turn into a nasty mess.

Earlier this month XBox released a short and simple Tweet asking not to vape around your Xbox. This was after videos were going viral saying “smoke was coming out of the console”. They even started by saying “We can’t believe we have to say this”.


Maybe this was something you were aware of before, or maybe not. In a nutshell, don’t vape around computers or other electrical devices, it can cause damage and it’s not worth it. If you have noticed a drop in performance of your PC/Laptop, maybe its worth having a look inside. You enjoy your vape, but these devices don’t!

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