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Vaping Glossary

Terms and meanings of vaping terminology.

510 Thread  – One of the most common thread size for tanks.

901 Thread – Tanks with a female thread that cannot be used with 510 without an adaptor.


Absorb – To soak up and retain a liquid.

Adjustable Airflow – Being able to modify the airflow of the tank.

ADV – All Day Vape. A term used when a flavour is so good you can vape it all day every day.

Air Vents – On some tanks that allow you to control airflow by how open the vents are.

Airflow – When air is passed through the tank when inhaling or exhaling through the mouthpiece.

All Day Vape – A term used when a flavour is so good you can vape it all day every day.

AMPs – The flow of energy along a circuit.

Aqueous Glycerine – Diluted Vegetable Glycerine to reduce the viscosity.

Atomizer – Also known as the Tank, it’s the part that houses the coil to heat and produce vapour.

Atty – Slang for Atomiser

AVP – Advanced Personal Vaporizer


Bamboo – Common material used in coils for the wick.

Batt – Slang for Battery.

Battery – Usually refers to devices that have an internal battery. Can also be referred to the external batteries used for other types of devices.

BCC – Bottom Coil Clearomizer.

BDC – Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer.

Boost – An extra feature in some regulated Box Mods to instantly increase power.

Box Mod – Getting the name for their shape, Box Mods offer customisation and longer battery life.

BVC – Bottom Vertical Coil.


Catomizer – Longer than regular atomizers, cartomizers are disposable and only able to be used on certain devices.

Charger – Devices used to recharge batteries (eg. Nitecore).

Clapton Coil – A type of coil made of wire tightly wrapped with thinner gauge wire.

Clearomizer – A type of tank

Cloud Chaser – A term used to describe vapers that are wanting big clouds.

Clouds – Not the fluffy things in the sky, it is also a term used to describe the exhale of vapour.

Coil – The replaceable part of the tank that assists the production of vapour through heat.

Coil Breaking – A term used to describe priming and sealing a new coil after installation.

Coil Burn Out – When a coil and/or wicking material has completely burnt and needs to be replaced.

Coil Jig – Thin metal tool used for coil rebuilding.

Coil Winder – A tool used for manual coil wrapping.

Concentrate – Flavour that is yet to be mixed with VG/PG/AG.

Cotton – Common material used in coils for the wick.

Cut-off – A safety feature in most devices to prevent overheating.


DCT – Dual Coil Tank

Deck – A part of the atomizer where the positive and negative posts are found.

Dewick – Removing the wicking material from the atomizer.

Diacetyl – Is used in microwave popcorn for its buttery flavour. It has also been used (and some brands still) for certain flavouring such as buttery, vanilla and custard.

Disposable E-Cigs – Devices that cannot be recharged and disposed of when they die out.

DIY – Do It Yourself. Usually in reference to making your own juice flavours from concentrates.

DL – Direct Lung – Inhaling directly into the lungs.

Draw – A term for inhaling vapour.

Drip (Dripping) – Refilling a tank by drops of juice straight onto the coil.

Drip Shield – An external cover used on tanks to catch any leaked juice and return it back into the tank.

Drip Tip – The mouthpiece for atomizers and tanks. Originally called Drip Tips as vape juice was dripped through them onto the coils and wicking material.

Drip Well – The bowl shape at the base of the tank designed to catch excess juice.

Dry Burn – A term for using your vape with no juice left in the tank

Dry Hit – Where an uncomfortable burnt taste instead of juice flavour. Caused by an unprimed coil or part of the coil has dried out.

Dual Coil – Two coil heads instead of one.


E-Juice – The liquid used to vape. Also known as E-Liquid and Juice.

E-Liquid – The liquid used to vape. Also known as E-Juice and Juice.

E-Smoke – A term for exhaled vapour.

Exhale – Blowing vapour out through the mouth.

External Battery – For devices that are powered using one or multiple external rechargeable batteries. They come in different sizes from 18650 (most popular) up to 26650.


FDA – The American version of the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Fire Button – A term used to describe the button that is used to start the device heating the juice to turn into vapour.

Fire Speed – The time it takes from pressing the fire button to heating up the coil. Example: A super-fast fire speed of less than 0.8s

Firing – A term to describe pressing the Fire Button.

Flavour – The distinctive taste of food or drink

Flavour Contamination – When the flavour of the juice is changed without changing the coil and the previous flavour can still be tasted.

Flavour Ghosting – Changing the flavour of your juice without changing the coil and still able to taste a the previous flavour.

Flavour Stain – Some flavours will remain in the wicking material if you are using the same coil and changing to a new flavour.

Flooding – When too much e-liquid is in the coil and isn’t able to be heated into vapour. Can cause leakage and spit back.

Food Grade – A term used to describe something that is safe for human consumption.

French Inhale – To exhale vapour via the mouth while simultaneously inhaling through the nose.

Fused Clapton Coil – A type of coil that has multiple core wires instead of the single Clapton Coil.


High Resistance – A tank with a high ohm rating for high voltage devices.

High Voltage (HV) – Devices that operate above 3.7 volts.

Hit – Can have multiple terms. 1 – An abbreviation for throat hit. 2- Inhaling vapour “to take a hit” 3- A term used to describe when the flavour kicks in “when the flavour hits”

Hot Spots – Where only part or parts of a coil has burnt out. This can result in dry hits.


Jellyfish – A vape trick with exhaled vapour that looks like a jellyfish.

Juice – A term for E-Liquid and E-Juice.

Juice Spit – When juice “Spits Back” into your mouth when vaping. Also known as Vape Spit.


Kanthal – A wire alloy that contains iron, chrome and aluminium.

Kick – A term used to describe a throat hit.

Kit – A device, tank and accessories all in one.


Leaking – An annoying thing that happens when your juice leaks from your tank.

LED – Light Emitting Diode

Low Resistance (LR) – Low resistance produces more vapour but reduces battery life.


MAH – A battery power rating.

Married Batteries – For devices that use dual or multiple batteries, it is important to use the same two batteries together (“married”).

Max Power Output – The maximum power rating the device will heat to.

Menthol – A flavour derived from peppermint.

Micro Coil – A type of wire coil where the loops of the coil are wrapped tightly so they touch. These coils usually need more wraps than a traditional coil so they provide similar resistance to a traditional coil.

Mini Mod – A small device.

Mouth To Lung (MTL) – Inhaling into the mouth then into the lungs.

Multi Voltage – Regulated devices that allow you to set your voltage preference.


Nic – Short for Nicotine.

Nic Salts – A chemical formulation of nicotine that decreases its harshness.

Nickel – A silvery white metal element that is resistant to corrosion.

Noob – A person new to vaping.


Ohm – The unit of measurement used for electrical resistance. Lower ohm reading means hotter, thicker vapour and higher ohm readings mean cooler vaping.

Organic Cotton – A type of wicking material used in coils. It burns quicker than normal coil but produces better/more intense cleaner flavour.

O-Ring – Replaceable silicone ring that prevents the Pyrex Glass to come in direct contact with metal on the tank.


Pen Style – The style of device that is cylinder in shape, like a pen.

Plug and Play – A term used to describe the easy method of removing and replacing.

PnP – Plug and Play – a term used for types of coils that are easily removed and replaced.

Pocket Vape – Like a pocket call, when your device is in your pocket and the fire button is accidentally pressed.

Pod Coils – Coils specifically designed for pod cartridges.

Pod Mod – The newest generation of vaping device. Pod Mods use refillable cartridge that is housed inside the device rather than a tank that sits on top.

Popcorn Lung – Another name for Bronchiolitis Obliterans. A serious and irreversible lung disease that can occur from vaping Diacetyl.

Priming – A step to do when installing a new coil or cotton to ensure it is completely saturated with juice before use.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – Also known as PG is a common ingredient used for a smoother throat hit (feel).

Puff – A term used to describe a single vaping inhalation from a device.

Puff Counter – Most advanced Mods have this as a feature to count all vape puffs until it has been manually erased.

PV – Personal Vapourizer

Pyrex Glass – A type of strong glass that is heat treated so they can withstand high temperature without shattering.


RBA – The abbreviation for Rebuildable Atomizer

RDA – The abbreviation for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

Rebuildable – Coils that can be rebuilt by the user.

Resistance – Measured in ohm, depending on the thickness, circumference, number and how thick the coils are wound.

RTA – The abbreviation for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer


Shot – Slang term used for inhaling vapour on a device.

Silica – One of the most common materials used for wicks due to the high melting points that can be burned to remove any dried residue from juice.

Silicone Case – Protective casing made of silicone for external batteries when not in use and some devices have this as an additional option.

Smart Chip – A chipset in advanced devices for different function setting and customization settings.

Smoke Juice – A term for E-Liquid, E-Juice, Juice.

Squonk – A type of device that uses a squeeze like bottle instead of Pyrex tank to hold the juice.

Squonkers – A term used to describe vapers that use Squonk devices.

Stacking – Essentially stacking batteries end to end for increased power compared to single battery. This can be dangerous and is NOT recommended

Stainless Steel – Steels containing at least 10.5% chromium and less than 1.2% carbon and other alloy elements. Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant.

Starter Kit – A complete set-up of everything needed (ex external batteries if required) in one box. Including the Mod, Tank, Coils and other accessories. Also known as a Kit.

Stealth Vaping – Vaping discreetly to not draw attention to yourself and the exhaled vapour.

Steeping – Allowing freshly mixed juice to rest for a period of time to enhance the flavour(s).

Sweet Spot – The achievement of the perfect settings and the perfect juice flavour.


Tank – Holds the juice and the coil.

Temperature Control – Devices that give you the ability to change the temperature settings.

TGA – Therapeutic Good Association

Throat Hit – The sensation felt when the vapour hits the throat.

Titanium Coils – Alternative material used instead of Nickel.

Top Fill – A term used for tanks that can be refilled from the top.


Vape Mail – Purchasing vape products online and receiving them through the post.

Vape Mouth – Loss of flavour from juice when vaped. Also known as Vapers Tongue.

Vape Spit – When juice “Spits Back” into your mouth when vaping. Also known as Juice Spit.

Vape Tongue – Loss of flavour from juice when vaped. Also known as Vape Mouth.

Vape Trick – Doing tricks with the exhaled vapour.

Vapour – The result of e-liquid being heated and turns into vapour. It is inhaled and exhaled as the same term.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – One of the two main ingredients used in juice as a base. Also known as Vegetable Glycerol.

Venting (Battery)

Viscosity – The state of being thick, sticky and semi-fluid in consistence due to internal friction.

Voltage – Electrical pressure measurement, Volts.


Wattage – An amount of electrical power expressed in watts.

Wick – The absorbent material used to soak up juice in small amounts at a time to be heated and turned into vapour.

Wire – A tool used for manual coil wrapping.


Zero-Nic – Nicotine free juice.

Zinc – A silvery white metal element used for coating iron and steel to protect against corrosion.