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Vaping Around Pets

Studies have shown that second-hand vapour is harmless to people, but what about your fur babies? Generally speaking there isn’t too much concern when vaping around your pet. However, there are some things to keep in mind when doing so to avoid any potential risks. Like people, animals can be sensitive or have allergies to certain foods and other ingredients. Another potential risk is how you store your e-juice and vaping equipment when not in use.

Don’t be alarmed! These potential risks can be easily avoided by simple safety and knowing what do to should something happen.


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Again, studies have shown that second-hand vapour is harmless to people however there isn’t much study on the effects it has on animals. It is unlikely that it will cause them any issues unless they have an allergy to a flavour you are vaping. Obviously if you were allergic to strawberries you wouldn’t vape a strawberry flavoured e-juice. The same consideration needs to be applied if your pet (or child) has an allergy to certain foods, e.g. don’t vape that flavour around them. Cat’s especially can be more sensitive to PG compared to other animals.



It’s super important to keep your bottles and devices out of reach from little hands and furry paws. Even though the bottles are childproof, they aren’t chew proof. Vet’s have treated many pets for residual nicotine poisoning when they have ingested cigarettes and/or cigarette butts. Faster and more serious poisoning can occur when e-juice is ingested. Being a liquid it is absorbed into the blood stream faster and it has a higher concentration of nicotine compared to cigarettes.  PG can also cause serious health issues if ingested.

As well as keeping e-juice out of reach, devices and any vaping accessories need to be stored safely. While it’s unlikely that a device could explode while being chewed, they could swallow parts of the device. Charging cables are another chew item that even cats sometimes like to have a nibble on.

Residue on Surfaces

Vaping indoors leaves residue on anything the vapour lands on such as the floor, furniture and even their coats. This residue can be ingested as they groom themselves which may or may not lead to harmful health issues.

If you are an indoor vaper, vaping with windows and doors open for ventilation and keeping surfaces clean will help ensure your pet isn’t ingesting things they shouldn’t be.


Take Them to the Vet

Unfortunately pets can’t tell us if something is wrong but if you suspect your pet has ingested e-liquid, take them to the vet immediately. Talk to your vet if you think your pet is having sensitivity issues or allergic reactions and take your e-juice with you.


Vape Safe

Vape safe around your pets! By keeping things out of reach and well ventilated there shouldn’t be any issues for you or your pet.