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Vapers call on the WHO to save 200 million lives by adopting the UK’s ground-breaking model to help smokers quit

Originally Posted On World Vapers Alliance on 22nd September 2021

London, 21.9.21: The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) and WeVape joined forces to commend the UK Government for embracing science and to call on them to convince the World Health Organisation (WHO) and global leaders to back vaping to beat smoking. 200 million lives could be saved if global leaders acted like their UK counterparts and followed the science on vaping.

While the WHO has waged a war on vaping and other alternatives to smoking through taxes, bans on advertising and other measures, the UK has led from the front in reducing tobacco harm with progressive vape policies. The WHO’s COP 9 global conference in November will set the direction for smoke cessation and vaping policies around the world. The WVA and WeVape are calling for the WHO to follow the UK example where 3 million smokers already quit thanks to vaping and to start taking tobacco harm reduction seriously. 

Mark Oates, Director of WeVape, said:

“The UK is the world leader in harm reduction and provides an excellent example for the rest of the world on efficient smoking cessation through vaping. Our government has chosen a path that has proven to be fruitful, with science to back that up. In the lead up to WHO’s conference in November, the UK needs to reinforce its commitment to vaping, and encourage other countries to do the same. 

Michael Landl, Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance said:

“To succeed in fighting smoking, we need governments across the world and the WHO to be brave and to follow the UK’s lead, endorse new approaches and be open to innovation in harm reduction. Ignoring the science on vaping means refusing the chance at a new life to 200 million people. We came to London to highlight the positive impact vaping has had on the UK and to thank the UK Government for being a world leader, successfully reducing smoking rates. We also urge the UK to stand up for vapers worldwide at WHO’s COP9 meeting. We need to raise our voice today.’

The iconic Back Vaping. Beat Smoking Vape Bus arrived in London on Monday, 20 September to meet with vapers and encourage them to stand up for their vaping rights.

Originally Posted On World Vapers Alliance on 22nd September 2021