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Vape Spitback – How to Fix and Prevent

“Spitback” (also called Vape Spit) is an annoying issue when e-juice spits from your tank into your mouth. There are a few reasons why this can happen and here are some tips on what do to when it does, how to prevent it and is it dangerous?

Why Does it Happen?

There are many variables on why this happens and 90% of the time its due to a flooded atomiser.  A flooded atomiser causes un-vaporised e-juice to go into the mouthpiece and “spitback” into your mouth. Here are some main culprits that can cause spitback.

The Tank is Too Full

We’ve all got a little too excited sometimes with our favourite e-juice and accidentally get a little carried away filling up the tank. Or sometimes maybe tried to add that little extra to go longer between refills? Either way, chances are you have over filled your tank. This causes the e-juice to leak anywhere it can mostly externally but also to the coil chamber internally.

Over-Primed Coil

Unlike overfilling a tank, over-priming is simply too much e-juice in the wicking material. This is more common when new coils are primed manually. Excess e-juice in the coil isn’t able to be vaporised fast enough causing it to go into the drip tip and then mouth during use.

Too Long Between Uses

Coils don’t like being left in a tank containing e-juice for long periods of time without being used. Not only can this cause e-juice to leak through the air slots, it can also flood the coil. Most wicking materials are made from absorbent natural resources such as cotton, wood pulp and bamboo. If these materials are left in liquid, over time they break down and deteriorate. If you use multiple devices and don’t plan to use one (or two) for a while, its best not to leave any e-juice in the tank. By removing left over e-juice you will help preserve the coil and won’t have a leaky mess to clean up. Just remember to prime the coil again prior to use.

Incorrect VG/PG Ratio

PG (Propylene Glycol) is thinner than VG (Vegetable Glycerine). Depending on the device, coil and settings it could be too much PG to efficiently be vaporised during use.

Dirty Drip Tip/Tank

Vapour isn’t dry air, there is moister from both breath and e-juice, mix that with heat and naturally condensation will occur. A buildup of excess condensation and/or e-liquid can collect under the drip tip. Regularly cleaning the drip tip and where the tip sits in the tank is a good habit to get into. Simply remove the drip tip and soak up any visible liquid with a tissue or paper towel.

The Resistance On The Device Is Too Low

If you are using a device where you can set the wattage range, you may have it on the wrong settings. This can sometimes tie in with incorrect VG/PG ratio buy not allowing the PG to be vaporised during use.

It’s Time To Change The O-Rings.

Yes, there is a reason extras are included! These simple little black or orange rubber circles act like a seal to help prevent leaks. Overtime they do wear out, if you are noticing your device is leaking in general, this could be the culprit.

It’s Time To Change The Coil

If you haven’t changed the coil in a while it might be time to. Burnt out coils don’t allow for the absorption of e-juice into the wicking material. Instead, it could be the reason the coil is flooded.

Tips to Fix

Take out any excess e-juice

If you use Gorilla bottles, simply squeeze the bottle when its still upright, put the tip into the tank then release the squeeze on the bottle slowly. This should suck up the e-juice from your tank, so you aren’t wasting as much.

Dry out the coil

Option 1: Take out the coil and leave it on a plate with some paper towel and let the excess juice drain out. When there is no more e-juice escaping the coil, install again but don’t manually prime again. Only manually prime if you have let the coil completely dry out.

Option 2: If you have a bottom airflow Sub-ohm tank, blow into the mouthpiece while holding down the fire button. Vapour will escape through the bottom airflow vents, just be careful as if there is any e-juice in airflow chamber that’s going to come out too. I normally get a tissue and hold it around the tank under the airflow vents to capture any leaks (yes this has happened to me).

Decrease the PG ratio

Give a lower % of PG and higher VG juice a go.

Increase the wattage

If you can, increase the wattage (do NOT exceed manufacturer’s recommended wattage settings). Hold the firing button down for a few seconds then release, repeat a few times. You don’t need to inhale if vapour is appearing just blow it away.  This will help to vaporise any excess e-juice from the coil, and you may hear a gurgling or popping sound during this process. When those sounds stop you can return to your normal settings.

Change the O-Rings

Don’t have any? No stress, you can find them here.

Please note: If you are finding that this is happening more regularly other than just every now and then, your device may need to be looked at. If the above tips haven’t worked, please contact us for further troubleshooting.

Is it Dangerous?

It can be if you swallow excessive amounts. Vape e-juice SHOULD NEVER be ingested. If it does happen or has happened, spit it out immediately and rinse your mouth with water/any liquid and spit that out too.

Always follow the warnings printed on all of our e-juice range:

  1. In case of an accident of if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately and show this label where possible.
  2. Toxic in contact with skin, may cause sensitisation, wash immediately with warm water and soap.
  3. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this label where possible.

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