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First things first, lets get the definitions out of the way!!

MTL or Mouth To Lung: Essentially sucking vapour into your mouth and then inhaling it into your throat then into your lungs.

DL or Direct Lung: Essentially inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs.

WTD? or What’s the Difference? Essentially just explaining that in case you aren’t down with the lingo all the kids are using these days… like WTF LOL?

Ok so what is the difference between the two? Apart from the obvious, it is mostly down to personal preference. As there are so many different devices, tanks and coils on the market a mistake that can happen is choosing a device that isn’t suitable for your vaping style.


If you are an ex-smoker you are 99.9% guaranteed used to MTL. If you have never sucked on a dirty cigarette and don’t know what its supposed to feel like… Its like a more controlled way of inhaling into your lungs, so you get a smoother “throat hit”.  MTL are basically designed to give the feel of smoking a cigarette by inhaling the same way.

Most MTL coils are small and are made from synthetic materials and generally run on low wattage devices. Unfortunately, this means you can be limited to what device you can use based on this style of vaping. However, not as much now as some vape manufactures have cottoned onto this and have developed coils for either MTL or DL vapers (YAY).


Inhaling directly into your lungs (think of inhaling a helium balloon), you get a stronger “throat hit”. If you aren’t used to it, it can surprise you and that’s why a lot… A LOT of people will have the biggest coughing fit of their lives. Why? Because its more powerful than MTL. At first this can put you off DL but give it some time knowing your limits on inhaling direct lung style. Once you have nailed DL the possibilities and options that open to you are pretty endless.

Sub-oHm tanks are mostly DL however you can get MTL coils for Sub-oHm tanks… its not really recommended though because it runs way too hot for the coil. DL coils are larger and have more holes and wicking material to ensure its constantly saturated during vaping which is important when you are running a higher powered device. Another bonus (well to me it is) is DL wicking materials are natural such as cotton, bamboo, wood pulp (even organic!).

Unfortunately as with most things you won’t know what style you are or what you like until you try. You could even like both!