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Can I travel on a Plane with my vape device?

Welcome to the first Throw Back Thursday Edition of our past blogs! With the events of 2020 this wasn’t really a topic of conversation. Now with boarders opening up and people finally being about to travel (at least in Australia), this blog could come in handy.

Yes you can take your vape on a plane

The short answer is yes, you can take your vape device on a plane as long as its in your hand luggage. From personal experience, I have travelled multiple times nationally and have interesting encounters with airport security.

You might need to keep in mind that my choice of vape device is the 225W SMOK Mag.

Going through any airport with something that resembles a gun, you’re going to get a second and third check. Not to mention hesitant looks and security guards being called over.

Regardless of the device you use, these tips will give you a faster and easier way through airport security.

Be prepared!

1- Use something like a clear zip-lock bag to store your device.

As everything in an airport, it needs to go through an x-ray machine. This way, if security want to inspect further t is easy to show without having to dig through your bag

2- Take out your device and scan on its own tray.

Like you would if you were taking a laptop but it doesn’t need its own tray. Keep it out in the open with your wallet and phone so security can clearly see it.

How to Avoid Messy Leaks

1- Pack your tank in a separate zip-lock bag!

Pack your tank like you pack your toiletries! This tip cant be stressed enough! Otherwise, you will be left with a sticky situation. The cabin pressure in the plane does effect the liquid in the tank by making it thinner, so yeah leakage.

It’s also a good idea to pack it separate if there is juice left in the tank. Personally, I put a few tissues in the tank bag as I have found it is inevitable due to the pressurised cabin, the tank always leaks. Or fly with an empty tank!


Yes, you can travel with batteries in your carry-on baggage, obviously have your machine off or remove them completely from your device while you are in the air. Silicone Battery Cases are a really good way to ensure your batteries stay safe and damage free when they are anywhere other than in your device or in a charger.

Can you Vape on a plane?

Absolutely… Not!
Penalties will apply if you are caught vaping on a plane, so don’t be dumb, don’t do it.