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This is Lloyd, Lloyd tastes burning, Lloyd didn’t prime his coil properly. Don’t be like Lloyd, replace and prime your coils correctly.

Tastes Like Burning? How to prime your coil properly


Why Prime?

Dry Hits

Normally you will start to get what is called a “dry hit”. This is when part or all of the wicking material hasn’t retained any juice. This can happen when a) the coil hasn’t been primed correctly as the cotton will burn immediately, or b) parts of the wicking material have burnt out.

Understanding the need to prime is to understand what coils are constructed with. Most coils are a combination of a hard material (for example: Stainless-Steel or Nickel) and an absorbent material (for example: cotton or bamboo).

Lets get a little scientific

What a Mod is designed to do? Heat the coil to extremely high temperatures to turn juice into vapour. To do this, the juice needs to be almost in a semi solid state which is why an absorbent “wick” material is used. This essentially captures and holds the liquid (juice) and allows only a small amount to be heated at a time.

If the juice hasn’t had the opportunity to be fully absorbed into the wicking material, you will be burning straight soft material. If that tasted good, we would have made a juice to taste like it. It can also pretty much ruin the coil as the wicking material has already been destroyed and there is no coming back from that.

How to Prime your coil and minimise the risk of it burning.

There are two ways to prime your coil that will give you the same outcome, to fully saturate the wicking material before use.

Method 1

  1. Install your coil straight from the packaging
  2. Fill the tank and wait 10-15 minutes to be sure the wick has absorbed the juice
  3. Whilst firing your device take 3-4 sharp short puffs running at the lowest setting for the coil
  4. Break in the new coil by turning wattage up every 5-10 minutes to your desired wattage setting
  5. Run your coil between the recommended wattage range.

Method 2

You can manually prime the wick (recommended). When you take your coil out of the packaging simply get your juice and soak the entire wick.

How to prime your coil properlyDo you have a coil that looks like the SMOK V8 Baby – Q2?

To prime a coil like this, hold your juice bottle and circle around the top of the cotton. Continue this method around the sides of the coil where the cotton is exposed. Repeat this method at least 6 times.

Install the coil into your device, then fill your tank.

How to prime your coil properly

Or do you have a coil that looks like the SMOK Baby T6?

Simply get the tip of your juice bottle and drip juice around each circle as well as the sides of the coil where the wick is exposed. Repeat this method at least 6 times

Then you can install it and fill your tank with liquid.

However your coil looks, the above manual methods are the same.

How often Do I Change My Coil?

Generally speaking it can range between 2 – 4 weeks but honestly there are many factors when it comes to how long a coil lasts.

  1. How often you vape – the more you vape, the more the coil is used.
  2. Wattage settings – higher wattage means higher heat which can cause the wicking material to deteriorate faster.
  3. Airflow – airflow plays a major part in coil preservation as the higher the air intake. The cooler the coil gets the quicker the wicking material cools down.
  4. VG/PG ratio – VG (Vegetable Glycerine) is thicker than PG (Propylene Glycol). If the VG % is too high for certain coils, it can cause clogging which can make it work harder and deteriorate faster.

Why else would I need to change a coil?

Cross Flavour Contamination

Flavour contamination happens when you change the flavour of your juice without changing the coil. Wicking material is porous so jumping from one flavour to another, the previous flavour will still be in the wick. A bit like a stain on a white shirt, each wash will get a certain amount out but you can still kinda see it. Some flavours can take around 2 -3 refills before the previous flavour flushes out but some can be more stubborn. For example, coffee and menthol are very dominant and no mater how many refills go through the coil you will still taste it. To get a true flavour out of your juice it’s best to use a new coil or wicking material.

Hot Spots

This can happen if the coil wasn’t primed properly or a part of the wick has dried out. When this happens you may occasionally get a dry hit as unfortunately once part of the wick is burnt, its burnt. Checking if the coil has a hot spot is as easy as taking out the coil and having a look for any black/burnt areas. You don’t necessarily need to change the coil immediately but its a good indication that you will need too soon.


Hopefully now you have a better understanding on the importance of priming and how to prime. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate and give us a call or come and see us in the shop!

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