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TFV16/V8 Baby V2 Drip Tip


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TFV16 Resin Drip Tip

Change up the look of your tank by simply changing the colour of the drip tip!

Heaps of colours to choose from!

Drip Tip #16 - Solid Black
Drip Tip #17 - Black/Gold Glitter
Drip Tip #18 - Gold Glitter
Drip Tip #19 - Red/Gold Glitter
Drip Tip #20 - Dark Purple Pattern
Drip Tip #21 - Light Green Pattern
Drip Tip #23 - Dark Green Pattern
Drip Tip #24 - Black Pattern
Drip Tip #25 - Dark Purple Pattern
Drip Tip #27 - Mixed Colour - Orange/Green/Purple Blend
Drip Tip #30 - Red Pattern

Fitting Instructions
Please wash thoroughly prior to use, remove your old mouthpiece, push in replacement firmly until fully seated. Wetting the connector and the seals will assist installation.

Please note: Images are for demonstrative purposes. Having a resin finish slight colour variations may occur.


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