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T-Juice Concentrate


Contains 100% Flavour 0% Nicotine



Whether you need to satisfy a sugary sweet tooth or experience those smoky tobacco sensations T-Juice has you covered.

Concentrates can not be vaped on their own and must be diluted with a mix of PG, VG and/or AG. Need some? You can get it all here.

Black and Blue: Blueberries and grapes with a strong aniseed candy bite and a revitalising menthol after taste

Bubble Gun: Sweet and chewy strawberry bubblegum

Clara-T: Refreshing green grapes with hints of aniseed

Colonel Custard: Smooth custard and velvety vanilla

Forest Affair: Banging berries with vanilla and sweet spice

Green Kelly: Perfect balance of sweet raspberries, tart cranberries and citrus lemonade

Jack the Ripple: Creamy and sweet raspberry ice cream

Mentice: Refreshing icy punch along with a frosty menthol after taste

Primo Verde: Deep and rich tobacco with strong notes of Burley and subtle notes of bright Virginia

Red Astaire: Packed with luscious red berries with a kick of aniseed and menthol

Strawberri: Combination of sweet strawberry and raspberry with a dash of cream

Vamp Vape: Rich and sweet caramel blended with coconuts and cream



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