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Standard Range


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American Red: Smooth, rich and strong tobacco flavour

Banana Cream: Like a bowl full of sweet sliced bananas and spoonful’s of smooth cream in a bottle

Blackcurrant: Sweet yet tangy flavour that lingers and dances across your taste buds

Blueberry: Plump and juicy blueberries with a flavour that pops in your mouth just like the real ones do

Bourbon: Glass and rocks not needed for this smooth oaky tune with hints of vanilla and caramel

Cigar: A full body flavour of a nice thick cigar, without the ash.

Classic Tobacco: A classic taste of tobacco straight from the pouch, no papers or filters required

Columbia Coffee: Roasted Arabica beans that bring a sweet fruity, citrusy, and slightly nutty espresso flavour. The perfect morning vape

Energy Drink: The flavour that gives you wings without keeping you up at night

Golden Tobacco: American style tobacco flavour with hints of caramel, hazelnut and vanilla

Grape: Sweet plump juicy grapes that are succulent and seedless

Ice Menthol: This smooth icy breeze gives your taste-buds a refreshing blast that’s slightly sweet

Jungle Juice: A concoction of sweet grape & watermelon with a light menthol taste

Mango: Mango makes it summertime in your mouth all year round with its sweet juicy bold tropical flavour

Menthol: Refreshing slight hint of mint with a super cool exhale

Passion: A tropical fruit mix of passionfruit, oranges and guava

Peppermint: Sweetly smooth minty hit with a cool exhale

RY4: Smooth tobacco and sweet caramel blended together with a hint of vanilla

Spearmint: Minty like the gum, this fresh vape will refresh your taste-buds

Strawberry Kiwi: Fruit fusion of sweet plump strawberries and tangy kiwi fruit perfectly blended together

Tobacco: For those just after a straight out of the pouch tobacco flavour

Unicorn Vomit: Bringing out your inner child with this candy fruit flavour that has a sweet and slight sour kick

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: A creamy ice cream flavour favourite that gives you a dessert treat with every vape

Vanilla Custard: Smooth sweet with no lumps and bumps. A creamy classic dessert favourite

Watermelon Candy: For lolly lovers! Sweet and slightly tangy just like watermelon candy


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