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Green & Gold Concentrate

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Caramel Crunch: Crunch down on this caramel and butterscotch-infused flavour

Cola Cubez: Hard candy cola classic

Cool Blue Slush: Crushed blueberries and raspberries with a refreshingly cool exhale

Cool Green Slush: Ripe limes infused with an icy blast

Cool Red Slush: Crushed raspberries and strawberries with a refreshingly cool exhale

Dingleberries: A fruity twist on Vimto, the mixed berry juice

Fairy Blood: Juicy and fruity pink lemonade

F-Bomb: Mouthwatering fruit eruption that explodes on your taste buds

Iceberg: Fruity and icy combo that’s refreshingly sweet

Iced Frappe: Kick back with this crushed ice coffee topped with whipped cream and chocolate

Raspberry Sorbet: Sweet, crisp and fresh tangy raspberries

Sticky Clouds: Sweet strawberry and sticky toffee

Strawberry Milkshake: Perfectly blended sweet strawberries and creamy milk

Tropical Storm: Total tropical explosion of all the juiciest exotic fruits


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