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Golisi 26650 Battery


1 x Golisi IMR26650 Battery

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Features and Specifications

4300mAh capacity
High drain 35A constant discharge
Safety Protections
Based on UL1642 Standard
Tested to extremes with no leaking or exploding
Internal protection sheets to avoid; Over-discharge and Over-charging
Cycle Life: 800 times
High energy density
Heavy duty PVC insulation wrap

More Information

Model: S43 IMR26650 4300mAh CDC 35A
Colour: Gold | White
Positive Terminal Style: Flat-Top
Protected (PCB): No (Unprotected)
Manufacturer: Golisi
Country of Origin: China
Chemistry: IMR
Continuous Discharge Current (Max): 35A
Pulse Discharge Current: (Max):
Nominal Capacity: 4300mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Voltage Discharge Cut-Off: 4.2V
Charging Voltage: 4.20V
Charging Current (Max): 3A
Cycle Count: 800 times



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