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Dragon Concentrate


100% Flavour 0% Nicotine




Create your own Dragon Juice with these concentrates! No matter if you’re after fruity, creamy, sour or a menthol flavour there is a Dragon for you!

Concentrates can not be vaped on their own and must be diluted with a mix of PG, VG and/or AG. Need some? You can get it all here.

Arctic Dragon: Fruity vape with a cool refreshing hit towards the exhale

Black Dragon: Blackberry and dragon fruit with creamy custard

Blonde Dragon: Bavarian cheesecake with lush strawberry

Blue Dragon: Creamy lush blueberry and Greek yogurt

Crazy Dragon: A favourite childhood cereal, fruitloops and milk

Dark Dragon: Creamy caramel and chocolate coffee

Fuzzy Dragon: Peaches and mandarin with lush Greek yogurt

Golden Dragon: Raspberry and apple macaron with powdered sugar and cream

Green Dragon: Mostly melon with hints of mixed fruits and berries

Pink Dragon: Creamy strawberry shortcake

Red Dragon: Dragon fruit laced with silky smooth cream

Smokey Dragon: Rich and luxurious blend of hazelnut and tobacco with a smooth smokey finish

Sour Dragon: Refreshingly sour apple with a sweet after taste

Tactical Dragon: Refreshingly sweet candy orange

White Dragon: Rich and creamy dessert flavour with a light strawberry exhale


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