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Premixed or mix your own ratio

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Premixed 50/50 and 70/30

Flavour free and ready for your creation these 50/50 and 70/30 premixes only need concentrates added.

Vegetable Glycerine (aka Glycerol)

An odourless clear liquid that has a mild sweet taste. This natural non toxic chemical is extracted from.. vegetables! (good news for vegetarians!). VG has a thicker viscosity compared to PG, and is difficult to vape on its own therefore it’s mixed with PG. Higher VG % juice gives you a smoother “throat hit” and thicker clouds. Being a thicker consistency it can cause your coils to clog more frequently. Some small coils can struggle with high % VG for that reason. The slower absorption rate into wicking material can also make smaller coils work harder and not last as long. Just keep that in mind if you are vaping a high % VG and using small coils.

Propylene Glycol

Also non-toxic, it is an organic compound which is colourless, almost odourless and has a very faint sweet taste. PG is used to give a similar throat sensation to smoking a cigarette. It is also used in a lot of food products to help carry flavour, and it does the same for e-juice. Unlike VG, you can vape PG on its own but be prepared for a harsh throat hit and become prone to dry mouth and/or symptoms of dehydration.

Aqueous Glycerine

Those who have an allergy or intolerance to Propylene Glycol, Aqueous Glycerine is a great alternative. It is made from Vegetable Glycerine which has been diluted to make it a thinner viscosity like PG. As its thinner it should still be mixed with VG  so it has the same consistency of a VG/PG mix.

Concentrates available: Standard Range, Green & Gold Range and Dragon Range


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