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New To Vaping? Top 10 Vaping Questions & Answers


If you have just started vaping and still have a few questions or something with your device isn’t going right? We might have the answer for you here! This blog is going to cover the top 10 questions we get about setting up devices and e-liquid.


1 – How Do I Set Up My Device?

Setting up your device for the first time is easy.

  1. First it’s best to saturate the wicking material of the coil with a few drops of e-liquid and then fill the tank. Give it about 5 or so minutes to allow the coil to prime. 
  2. While it’s priming, for external battery devices, load up the batteries and turn the device on to make sure the batteries have been put in the right way then turn it off. 
  3. Connect the tank to the mod until it’s firmly in place
  4. Most devices these days have a smart chip that can detect a new coil and sets the wattage range automatically. If you are able to change settings on your device, give it about an hour or two of normal use before bumping up the power. This can help the coil last a bit longer. 
  5. Turn it on and away you go! 

2 – How Do I Charge External Battery Devices?

Even though external battery devices come with a USB charger, it’s not recommended to use this method. Charging by USB can run the risk of not charging your batteries properly especially for dual battery devices. One battery may charge more than the other with can cause big problems. 

The correct way is by using an external battery charger such as a Nitecore Charger. These charge your batteries quickly and most importantly, safely. However it’s not recommended to leave charged batteries in the charger for long periods of time. 

3 – How Long Do 18650 Battery’s Last?

In a device, an average vaper will get around 8 hours from a fully charged battery. It’s recommended you have a second set on hand so you can swap out batteries and still use your device while one set is charging. 

The batteries themselves depends on how you use them. Usually they have 300 to 500 full cycles. It’s best to replace your batteries every year and discard old ones properly. 

4 – Why Is My Tank Leaking?

One of the biggest reasons that tanks leak is they haven’t been set up correctly. If a coil hasn’t been installed or primed correctly, e-liquid will leak. To learn more about priming coils, you can go here

  1. Lack of use. If you haven’t used the tank in a while. This can over saturate the coil causing it to flood and leak.
  2. Damaged or worn out O-rings can also cause leaks. When replacing your coils, it’s a time to check the O-rings and replace if necessary. 
  3. Temperature also plays a part, for example, if it’s a hot day and e-liquid becomes thinner. 
  4. Never leave your device on it’s side, this can also cause the tank to leak. 

5 – Why Is My New Coil Tasting Burnt?

New coils tasting burnt means the coils hasn’t primed properly. If the e-liquid hasn’t had the opportunity to be fully absorbed into the wicking material, you will be burning straight wicking material. If that tasted good, we would have made a juice to taste like it. It can also pretty much ruin the coil as the wicking material has already been destroyed and there is no coming back from that.

6 – Why Am I Getting E-Juice In My Mouth?

There are many variables on why this happens and 90% of the time its due to a flooded coil.  A flooded coil causes un-vaporised e-juice to go into the mouthpiece and “spitback” into your mouth.

Here are some main culprits that can cause spitback;

  1. The tank is too full 
  2. Over-primed coil
  3. Long periods of time between use
  4. Incorrect VG/PG ratio
  5. Dirty drip tip/tank

For more information on this topic, you can find it here

7 – Why Can’t I Taste My E-Juice Flavour Anymore?

A term known as Flavour Fatigue can happen from time to time, especially if you have been vaping the same flavour for months. There are some tips and tricks to get it back which can be found here

If you regularly change flavours, it might be time to change your coil. Old coils don’t allow for much flavour to pass through as they are burnt out

8 – Why Does My Mouth Get Dry When I Vape?

Propylene Glycol (PG) absorbs water! Depending on the ratio of PG to VG and if you don’t drink enough water during the day, this could be the culprit! PG can dry out your mouth and lets face it, nothing tastes good in a dry mouth. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day and especially when you are vaping. Not only is that just general healthy advice, it could help bring back the taste of your juice.

9 – How Should E-Juice Be Stored?

Storage is key to keeping your e-juice fresh and giving it a longer lifespan. Honestly, cant stress that enough and it isn’t as hard as you think. Simply store your bottles in a draw, cupboard or box to keep it away from sunlight (UV) and heat. On really hot days, you can even store them in the fridge (not freezer). Ensuring the cap of the bottle is on correctly and securely to prevent any air getting in and of course to prevent leaks.

More information on E-liquid lifespan and storage can be found here.

10 – How Do you Know if E-Liquid Has Gone Bad?

There are four things to look out for that will let you know if the bottle is for the bin.

  1. Colour – The first thing to look out for is colour. Slight changes in colour will happen with the normal steeping process. However, if it has changed to a really dark colour, like really dark that is the first indication that something isn’t right.
  2. Separation –  Over time PG, VG and flavouring molecules will break down and aren’t able to bond to each anymore. If you give the bottle a shake and it’s still separated, its time to say goodbye.
  3. Smell – Flavour is another ingredient that breaks down and becomes weaker. If you are unable to smell the flavour or it smells different, chances are it wont taste like it used too.
  4. Taste – Like most consumables, there is a definite taste difference when somethings not right. There will either be hardly any flavour or it could have a completely different one. Another noticeable difference will be an extremely harsh throat hit.

Have More Questions?

If you need these questions answered in a little more detail or need something else answered then pop into the shop or give us a call. We are always here to help!