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More Than One Device? I Think So!

It’s very common to purchase different e-liquid flavours to have a variety on hand to change it up when every you want. It’s also becoming more and more popular to do the same with devices. If often starts with keeping your first device and using that as a backup when you upgrade to something else. Which is great but you don’t need to wait to upgrade to get another device. And with so many different devices constantly coming out, why would you? Having multiple devices can help tailor your day to day vaping needs even more.

Why Have Multiple Devices

Not only is having multiple devices a great way to have an emergency back up, it’s also good to have options for certain occasions. From matching with an outfit to matching for an occasion or social environment. Maybe a friend or family member you’re visiting isn’t a fan of big thick clouds or your Box Mod isn’t pocket friendly. Another popular reason is to keep one at the office to avoid forgetting it at home.

Or, you don’t need any reason at all but the option to have and use a different device when ever you want.

Tips on Storing Your Unused Device

If you aren’t planning on using a particular device for a few days it’s best to make sure that:

  1. It’s switched off and remove the tank if it still contains e-liquid.
  2. Never leave your device on charge for extended periods of time. This can cause damage not only to your battery but also your device.
  3. Keep it in a safe place, away from potential little hands and/or furry paws.
  4. Never leave it in a car or other areas where it can be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Why Have Multiple Tanks

If having more than one device isn’t your thing, there are many options of tanks. Multiple tanks are a great way to be able to quickly swap flavours without having to change a coil. Or you can change from a rebuildable set up to a Sub-oHm tank and vice versa.

Tips on Storing Your Unused Tanks

Tanks have the potential to leak when they haven’t been used for a long period of time if they still contain e-liquid.

To help prevent this from happening:

  1. Store your Sub-Ohm upside down
  2. Using the tank a few times each day
  3. Keeping it a small bowl with paper towel
  4. Keep away from direct heat and sunlight
  5. If the tank has been left empty, remember to re-prime the coil before use
  6. If e-liquid has changed colour, remove it and clean the tank prior to use

It’s also important to keep all vaping equipment safe and out of reach of little hands and furry paws.

How Many Devices Do You Have?

What devices do you have and how many? We would love to hear it!



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