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Is It Ok To Vape When Sick?

Nobody likes getting run down and sick, but we are human, and it happens. The hot and cold sweats, cold sores, head/body aches, runny/blocked nose and of course, the coughing. Yet life must go on and we battle through it, but is it ok to still vape? Obviously, it’s not recommended when sick however, you still can. This blog is going to go through some tips on what you should take into consideration if unwell and still want to vape.

Now a bit of a disclosure: this blog is not medical advice and is for general use only. If you are seeking medical advice, please contact your local GP.

Cold and Flu? Keep Hydrated!

The two most common responses when telling people, you are sick are:

  • Stay away from me
  • Keep up the fluids and stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated when you are sick is just as important from staying away from other people. It can be even harder to do so while vaping as Propylene Glycol (PG) absorbs water. So, on top of drinking more when sick, its a must to drink even more when having a vape. PG also gives a stronger throat hit which could irritate your throat more than normal. A higher ratio of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) or swapping PG for Aqueous Glycerine (AG) could be good options to try.

Sore Throat? Soothing Flavours

Not only lowering the PG ratio or swapping it for AG be helpful on your throat, some flavours can help sooth it too. The chill from menthol and freshness of mint may help take the heat out of a burning throat.

Here are some of our most popular menthol and minty e-juices:

Ice Menthol – This smooth icy breeze gives your taste-buds a refreshing blast that’s slightly sweet

Menthol – Refreshing slight hint of mint with a super cool exhale

Tobacco Menthol – Perfect blend of tobacco and menthol for that cool hit

Cool Blue Slush – Crushed blueberries and raspberries with a refreshingly cool exhale

Cool Red Slush – Crushed raspberries and strawberries with a refreshingly cool exhale

Iceberg –  Fruity and icy combo that’s refreshingly sweet

White Walker– Ice mint blast with creamy vanilla toffee

Arctic Dragon– Fruity vape with a cool refreshing hit towards the exhale

Red Astaire – Packed with luscious red berries with a kick of aniseed and menthol

Mentice – Refreshing icy punch along with a frosty menthol after taste

Cold Sores? Yeah they EFFING SUCK!

If you are lucky enough not to suffer from these then you don’t need to read this part. If, however, you are unfortunately one of the 3.7 billion people struck down with them from time to time then this could be useful.

Ok so we know they are highly contagious and for life, but did you know your vape drip tip could be re-infecting you? The virus can live on some surfaces for days and reinfection can happen while the blister is open. Having multiple drip tips and replacing them often (if not daily) can help prevent reinfections from happening. Remember to wash used drip tips in warm soapy water and let them air dry.  It’s also a good idea to stay away from spicy food and replace your toothbrush often too. Need some extra drip tips? You can find them here.

Get Better Soon!

Nothing can beat the common cold than lots of rest and heaps and heaps of fluids. So look after yourself and if you are sick, we hope you get better soon!


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