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I Like My E-Juice Shaken, Not Stirred – Throwback Thursday #14

To shake or not to shake? Just like a Martini, e-juice should also be definitely shaken! You may have noticed others shake their e-juice bottle before filling their tank and there is a reason. There are heaps of products out there that state on the can/bottle to shake before use and generally it’s for the same outcome. If it’s been sitting unused, ingredients can separate and need to be re-mixed with a simple few second shake. This blog is going to go into the why to shake and what it does. Time to get comfortable, top up your e-juice if you haven’t already done so, maybe grab a beverage and let’s get into it!

E-Juice on a Shelf

When e-juice is sitting on a shelf in anticipation of being used, things tend to separate. E-juice is made up of 3-4 main ingredients: VG, PG and flavouring each having their own densities. Some either sink to the bottom or rise to the top of the bottle as they are heavier or lighter. Sometimes it’s hard to see this separation as there’s no distinctive colour difference unlike for example, oil and water. It can also change the taste of your e-juice if you haven’t given it a shake before topping up your tank.

To Shake or Steep?

If your e-juice has been freshly made it probably needs a bit more time for flavours to fuse together. Steeping is like making a cup of tea and letting the hot water and tea leaves fuse together for a stronger flavour. E-liquid isn’t that black and white as it’s a combination of both. Unlike tea, it doesn’t use heat in the process, but time. Even then, depending on the ratio of ingredients and the ingredients themselves, some can take longer than others. So, it’s a bit of a combination of steeping and shaking.

So, What Does Shaking Do?

Even when your e-juice has had time to steep, overtime some ingredients can still separate. Shaking your bottle before topping up will help ensure an even mix of flavour each time. It’s simple solution for a great consistent outcome.

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