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How To Create More Vapour From Your Vape


Not all devices create the same amount of vapour production. Some are designed to only produce minimal amounts of vapour for more of a discreet vaping experience. Others on the other hand, are designed for cloud chasers. If you are wanting to produce more vapour either to just exhale large clouds or to do tricks, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration. From how you vape to the e-liquid ratio, and strangely enough even the weather can have an impact.

How you Vape

In comparison, Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping produces around 60-80ml of vapour while Direct Lung (DL) vaping can produce around 1000 – 1500ml. So by taking that into consideration, think about how you vape.

Are you a direct Lung, mouth to lung vaper or can you do both? Direct lung vaping can take a bit of practice to do however, it does produce more vapour when compared to mouth to lung vaping. Essentially, the ability to be able to inhale directly into your lungs means you are able to inhale more vapour. A great way to test this is by taking a big deep breath straight into your lungs, exhale then do the same but only into the mouth. 

Tips on Technique 

  1. Getting the coil ready by lightly blowing into the mouthpiece (while holding the fire button) until you can see vapour coming out of the open air vents. 
  2. Empty your lungs completely, even leaning slightly forward while exhaling to remove excess air. 
  3. Inhale as deep and as much as you can directly into your lungs.
  4. Steadily exhale (the amount of time you hold the vapour in your lungs can decrease the amount exhaled)

E-Liquid Ratio

E-liquid ratio plays a big role in how much vapour is created.

The two main ingredients in e-liquid is Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). VG has a thicker viscosity compared to PG, and is difficult to vape on its own therefore it’s mixed with PG. Higher VG % juice gives you a smoother “throat hit” and thicker clouds.  PG is used to give a similar throat sensation to smoking a cigarette. It is also used in a lot of food products to help carry flavour, and it does the same for e-juice. 

A ratio of 50/50 is a good option as the higher the VG, the less flavour is retained. What also needs to be noted is because high VG ratios are thicker, they don’t work well in all types of tanks. Sub-Ohm tanks however work very well with high VG ratios. 

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Tank and Airflow

Airflow is another key element in the production of big clouds. Being able to adjust and maximise airflow intake in turn means bigger cloud production.  Increasing the intake also allows for the coil to be cooled a lot faster. This can have an impact on cloud production as heat is needed to turn e-liquid into vapour. Sub-ohm tanks such as the Geekvape Z Max are perfect as their designs includes multiple adjustable airflow slots. They also have larger e-liquid capacity as more is used in each use.

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A popular coil choice are low resistance mesh coils. Being mesh allows more e-liquid to come into contact with the wicking material. Maximising the amount of e-liquid that can be heated at once in turn, produces more vapour. It’s important to check the wattage range of the coil to make sure you are using the correct one for the power of the device.

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More power, more heat, more clouds. High powered devices are able to turn e-liquid into vapour at a much faster rate. Having a device that allows to to adjust the voltage and wattage settings are the way to go. When changing the wattage settings, most devices will automatically change the voltage accordingly. Sub-ohm mods are perfect for cloud chasers as they built to be powerful. Check out our range of mods here

It’s really important to have maximum airflow when running your device at high wattage to help keep the coil cool. Another important tip is to break in new coils correctly before increasing the power. Be sure to stay within the wattage range for the coil you are using. Overdoing it can burn out the wicking material in the coil faster.

Still Unsure? 

If you still have questions on what device is best for what you’re after, we are here to help! Simply come into the shop or give us a call. 


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