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How Long can E-Juice Be Left In a Tank?

Do you have multiple devices? Maybe one at home, one at work or just a spare that doesn’t get used all the time? Or maybe you went away for a weekend or longer and forgot to take your toothbrush and device? Whatever the scenario it may have sparked the question, How Long can E-Juice Be Left In a Tank?

When e-juice is still in the bottle, it’s easy to keep in a controlled environment that’s out of direct sunlight and heat. You probably keep it in a cupboard or draw but it’s a little bit different when e-liquid is in a tank. Used every day, its ok for e-juice in a tank to be exposed to some sun and heat because it’s probably only for a few hours while being used. Let’s have a look at what can happen when e-juice is left in a tank over time.

Short Periods of Time

Left unused for short periods of time like a few days to a week or two, is not the end of the world. The first thing you probably would have noticed is small to moderate leakage. Not all will leak, coils which use cotton wicking material are prone too as cotton can become over saturated. Some may also experience a change in flavour to loss of flavour.

Longer Periods of Time

Longer periods of time as in weeks to months is where things may go, not so good.  Not all e-juices maintain the same consistency especially when it has been exposed to oxygen. Some can turn into like a thick gummy substance that isn’t the easiest to clean up. Forget being able to use the coil again if that has happened, it would be so clogged with gunk that it wouldn’t be worth it. As with short periods, leakage and flavour changes can also occur. If there is significant colour change to the e-juice, pour it out and start again with a new coil.

How to Store a Device When Not In Use

  1. Store left over e-juice in your tank like you store e-juice in a bottle, in a cool dark place.
  2. Remove the tank from the mod so if any leaks do occur, it wont damage your mod.
  3. Keep the tank in a small container with some paper towel, that way should a leak happen it will help soak up any e-juice.


Forgetting to take it with you for a day or two is fine. Any longer its best to either remove any leftover e-juice or vape until the tank is empty before storing it away. It’s the best way to ensure you wont have any leaks or problems down the track.

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