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How Do You Vape a Vape? – Throwback Thursday #18

Majority of people that take up vaping are doing so to quit smoking cigarettes. However, how you vape is different to how you smoke a cigarette. Not using a vape device correctly, especially for the first time can give you a bad experience. There are a few things to know including getting back to some basic information to help you vape the right way.

Firstly, It’s NOT a Cigarette

Cigarettes are processed, dried tobacco leaves wrapped in paper and needs fire to use. Vape devices don’t use tobacco or fire for them to work.  The closest vaping comes to a cigarette is if you use a tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Nothing annoys a vaper more than being called a smoker.

Why Is It Called Vaping?

The name has come about the same way “smoking” did for cigarettes. Smoke is created by cigarettes when tobacco is burned whereas vapour is produced when a liquid is heated. It’s important to know the difference and to be clear that vaping and smoking are not the same thing.

Mouth To Lung and Direct Lung 

What does Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct lung (DL) mean? It’s another very important first lesson to know the difference to get the best first time experience.

MTL is the most similar to smoking a cigarette. Essentially sucking vapour into your mouth and then inhaling it into your throat then into your lungs.

If you are an ex-smoker you are 99.9% guaranteed to be used to MTL. If you have never sucked on a dirty cigarette and don’t know what its supposed to feel like… Its like a more controlled way of inhaling into your lungs, so you get a smoother “throat hit”.  MTL are basically designed to give the feel of smoking a cigarette by inhaling the same way.

DL is essentially inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs (think of inhaling a helium balloon). If you aren’t used to it, it can surprise you and that’s why a lot… A LOT of people will have the biggest coughing fit of their lives. Why? Because its a more powerful delivery system into the lungs compared to MTL.

Where To Start?

  1. Device Selection: Starting with a lower powered simple device is highly recommended. Pen style and Pod devices are perfect as many are single button operation, have an internal battery and use MTL coils.
  2. Juice Flavour Selection: If you are starting vaping to quit smoking, it can be a good idea to get a tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Many tobacco blends mimic the taste of popular brands including menthol. Otherwise, selecting a single flavour option (for example Blueberry) is a good way to go as they are more predictable.
  3. Learn How To Set Up Your Device: It’s not hard to do but failing to do it correctly can damage your coil very fast. Learn to prime the coil either by asking us or reading the instructions on the packaging.
  4. Go Easy: It’s tempting to want to suck hard at first (that’s what she said), or think you need too (that’s what he said). Try to inhale like you would a cigarette and gradually take longer drags.
  5. Keep Hydrated: One of the main ingredients in E-Liquid is PG (Propylene Glycol) and it absorbs water. PG can dry out your mouth so make sure you drink plenty of water during the day, especially when you are vaping.

What to Expect

It can take a few days to get used too the difference between smoking a cigarette and vaping. Don’t be discouraged as it is normal, they are different things. Many people still have the occasional cigarette in the first few days of starting but as you get used to vaping the want of a cigarette becomes less and less.

Still Need a Little Help?

Ask us! We can tell you the best starter kits and e-juice flavours to help you get you on your way. We can even help you set up your device for the first time and help with any other questions.


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