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Friday Fun with Vaping in the Movies


The silver screen has always been a big influencer and keeping up with what’s trending. The use of props are critical to set the scene, make the character and of course have more impact for the viewer.  It’s not hard to stereotype villains, bad asses or even to be used to emphasise a stressful situation with having a cigarette to help cope.  However, it’s use on screen is never intended to encourage tobacco products but sadly sometimes it does. With the major health issues associated with smoking it’s no wonder Hollywood is also making the move for characters to vape instead. Over the years vaping has become a more popular prop both on the big screen and TV shows (even animated ones). Some celebs are even known to bring and use them on set during live and pre recorded interviews. 


The Tourist (2010)

One of the very first big budget films to use a vape device. Johnny Depp in his personal life is a vaper and has been for several years now. His lead character in The Tourist back in 2010 is in a scene on a train using cig-a-like. He even asks to his co-star Angelina Jolie’s character if she minds him “smoking” how ever is quick enough to establish that’s it’s actually an electronic cigarette. 


Drive Hard (2014)

Another celebrity that is a massive fan of vaping on and off the screen is John Cusack. So much so that this Actor/Producer has become a huge vaping ambassador. In Drive Hard, Cusack’s character is a master criminal who has his vape in hand frequently (as well as his guns).  

Bad Neighbors (2014) 

Though being a comedy, this sad scene of Zac reflecting on things was enhanced with his need of a vape! Though vaping isn’t predominant in the movie itself, its good to see vaping over smoking in a time of “need”. Zac himself has been spotted in “normal life” vaping all over Hollywood and LA. 


Sex Tape (2014) 

Apologies people, the vid I had to use to showcase vaping in Sex Tape had too many naughty words! Funny man Jack Black portrays a Porn industry naming know it all. A very funny film that not only shows the advances in technology as far as saving personal videos but the advancement of nicotine replacement. 

Cymbeline (2014) 

Not the first time a William Shakespeare play has been redone and brought into the 21st century. Baz Luhrmann brought back Romeo & Juliet from the dead and Michael Almereyda adapted this classic into the times of now. Dirty cops, biker gangs and the well known zombie killer Milla Jovovich is Queen in this flick with her cig-a-like vape device!  

Focus (2015)

Another role to show authority but choosing vaping over cigarettes to show a bad side. This thriller staring Will Smith and our home grown Margot Robbie is filled with drama, cons and action. 

99 Homes (2015)

This is a hard hitting film based on true events during the American recession. Michael Shannon plays a business man who evicts people from their homes. As hard as his character is, it frequently shows him staying cool, calm and collected with his vape. A true villain style character type that vaping has taken another role replacing cigarettes to encapsulate a bad ass. 


Dirty Grandpa (2016)

Zac Efron is again in a very funny comedy and, using a vape device! This hilarious movie does take the vape device in a dark direction for some illicit usage. Then again, it’s always extremely funny to watch! 


Vaping in the Movies Part 1 

While there seemed to be a massive absence of vape devices in movies from 2010 to 2014, it seems to be increasing. Hollywood, while keeping with “the times” still seem to separate smoking with vaping with predominately using devices that look like cigarettes. Nevertheless it’s great to see a change is happening and no doubt, in time will catch up with the world wide switch. So.. Stay tuned! 


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