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Friday Fun with some Famous Vapers #4!

Just for a bit of fun and for those that like to follow up on their celebrity favs!


Shai LaBeouf

Transforming his habit from smoking to vaping, Shai LaBeouf is spotted regularly with his vape. Back in 2011 he was in a little trouble for smoking outside a restaurant and slapped with a $500 for that and a further $1000 for not showing up at his court hearing for it – Ouch! But surely, he can afford that.


Lindsay Lohan

Yet another celeb that has made the switch from ciggs to vaping. First photos emerged of her vaping in 2011 so she’s been a vaping fan for a long time now!  

Dennis Quaid

Ok, for the younger generation that doesn’t know who Dennis Quaid is… You may know him for some more ‘recent’ films such as The Day After Tomorrow.  Maybe it was the litter of cigarette butts and smoke that made him switch, or just the general consensus that vaping is a better option. It could have been that movie that made him take up vaping, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Natasha Lyonne

This American Pie co-star swapped the ciggs for vaping after having open heart surgery. This comedy classic actor has even tweeted how vaping has changed her life. 

Kevin Connolly

Entourage star made the switch after a good long chat with his actor buddy fellow vaping fanatic Leonardo DiCaprio. (Honestly, who wouldn’t take advice from Cap anyway!). 

Laura Prepon

Orange is the New Black and That 70’s Show, hasn’t publicly shared her love of vaping, however she has been seen around with one. 


Katie Price (aka Jordan)

English media personality and model Katie Price Even. though not often snapped having a vape, she was invited at an opening of a local vape store in Preston UK.


Keira Knightly

Taking up vaping after motherhood, it was actually her own mother that got her to switch! 


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