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Friday Fun with some Famous Vapers

Just for a bit of fun and for those that like a bit of Hollywood. Every 2nd Friday of each month we will bring you a list of your favourite celebrities that vape!

Stephen Dorff

Stephen Dorff

After suffering emphysema from smoking cigarettes, Stephen became a vaper. Even appearing on a series of commercials for a e-cig brand.

Snoop Dogg

This legend of rap has been spotted vaping on several occasions, it wasn’t a surprise when he started his own device brand!

Katherine Heigl

I’ll let the video speak for itself..

Dave Grohl

Make My Vape on Twitter: "Dave Grohl has joined the vaping community! Welcome Dave! #Vapeon #Makemyvape http://t.co/ZNmtWnUkmk"

Foo Fighters front man and rock legend started vaping to ditch the cigarettes back in 2015.  Must admit, he’s my Hero.. there he goes…

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner Cried Real Tears in Dark Phoenix Thanks to…Her Juul | Vanity Fair

This Game of Thrones starlet loves vaping so much her dialect coach will take it off her to make her cry for sad scenes

Robert Pattinson

Pin on Celebrity Ecigs

Thanks to some wise words from Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert made the switch to vaping ditching the ciggs


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is seen vaping on the street in NYC in front of beau Cooke Maroney | Daily Mail Online

Jennifer has been spotted a few times walking around NYC with her vape pen and her puppy

Johnny Depp

Famous People Who Vape – VanGo Vapes

One of the first mainstream actors to vape both on and off set. Depp has been vaping for years after quitting smoking