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Dangers of Leaving Your Vape Gear in a Car

Let’s face it, sometimes things that shouldn’t be left in a car sometimes do either intentionally or by mistake. By doing so, there is the potential for property to get stolen or damaged by extreme temperatures. For example, on a 35 degree day, it can reach up to 65 degrees inside a car and even hotter for dark coloured cars. It’s almost like sticking your vape gear in an oven and slow cooking it.

While certain parts are designed to get hot, the same cant be said for the entire device for long periods of time. Heat doesn’t just affect the device, it also has an impact on e-juice that’s either in the tank or any bottles you might leave in your car. This blog is going to go through what can happen to your device and/or juice if left in a hot car and what to do if it happens.

What Can Happen in a Hot Car


One of the most important things to know when vaping is battery safety. We have done a few blogs that express this topic and can’t stress enough how important battery safety is. It’s not just for vaping devices either, same risks go for other high powered devices like mobile phones. Batteries and heat don’t mix, regardless if it’s a vape device or something like a mobile phone. Batteries react to heat and have the potential to either catch fire or explode.


Plastic and heat don’t mix and extreme heat for long periods of time can also cause plastic parts to split, crack or even melt. Even if there is no signs of external damage, there may be internal damage and your device can stop working altogether.


Two main enemies of e-juice are heat and sunlight. Exposure to both speeds up the ageing process of molecules making them break down at a rapid rate. When that happens, they are unable to combine together again. Not only that, heat thins the e-liquid enough to make it leak from the tank and making a huge mess. Leaked e-liquid can also seep into the battery and other parts of the device potentially causing more damage.

What to do if it Happens

It’s really important not to turn on or use the device, if it is already on, leave it on. It also needs to cool down slowly so place it in a dark cupboard or anywhere that is out of direct sunlight. Don’t put it in a fridge or anywhere below room temperature.

If the e-juice in your tank has changed colour, it’s best to empty the tank and replace the coil.

It’s not worth it

The best advice we can give is, don’t leave your vape equipment in your car! If you wouldn’t leave other items such as phones and/or tablets inside a hot car all day, the same needs to be applied with your vape equipment. It’s just not worth the risk.


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