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Coughing When Vaping?

Do You Cough When You Vape?

It’s a common occurrence especially when just starting out, so don’t be alarmed. Most of the time it’s only the first few times you use a device, even when you are warned about it. However, if you have been vaping for a while and it’s still happening it can be rather annoying. There are a few factors that can cause coughing so trying to find out exactly what it is, can be a little difficult. Chances are it could be multiple factors and not just one. This blog is going to go into the common triggers of coughing and tips to help calm the cough.

Common Causes of The Cough

  1. Incorrect vaping technique
    • How you inhale a vape is different to how you inhale a cigarette.
    • Inhaling a bit too much which quite often new vapers tend to do can be a bit of a shock and not being used to larger inhales can cause coughing.
    • Not being used to your device.
    • Too much airflow.
  2. Incorrect device/tank type
    • Cigarettes are commonly smoked “Mouth to Lung”. This means it is inhaled into the mouth then into the lungs. There are vape devices and tanks that are designed for this type of style.
    • “Direct Lung” designed devices and tanks means that the vapour is inhaled directly into your lungs. When your system isn’t used to this type of style it can cause intense coughing.
  3. Dehydration 
    • The ingredients in E-Liquid can cause dry mouth and dehydration. This can cause irritation to both the throat and lungs.
  4. Ingredients in E-Liquid
    • PG (Propylene Glycol) can irritate the back of the throat.
    • Certain flavours can also cause this however PG is the more common cause.
  5. Nicotine strength
    • If your nicotine strength is too high, it can cause a more intense “throat hit”.
  6. Old or Burnt Coil
    • Coils need to be changed regularly.
    • Using old burnt-out coils can irritate the back of the throat.
  7. Unexpected Flavour
    • Not being used to some flavours such as menthol can be a bit of a shock at first.
    • Or trying a new flavour but it isn’t what you expected.
    • Suddenly having a burnt taste.
  8. Chain Vaping
    • Taking too many hits quickly can dry out your mouth and throat fast.
    • It can also be a shock to the system by not allowing all exhaled vapour to completely exit the lungs before having another inhale.

Tips To Stop The Cough

Work on Your Technique

Especially if you are an ex-smoker, it is a bit of a change as the two are very different. More often then not the direct lung method is used first instead of mouth to lung. If this is the issue, go back to mouth to lung and take shorter hits. Every now and then try direct lung, if that’s something you want to work towards. Otherwise there are many devices out there that are designed to be mouth to lung use. 

Try not to chain vape and take smaller inhales. Make sure all vapour is expelled from the lungs before you take another vape. 

Keep Hydrated

It’s easy to become dehydrated when vaping. Propylene Glycol absorbs water so depending on the ratio you’re using it could happen sooner. A good tip to know if you are becoming dehydrated is when you start to loose the flavour of your e-liquid. Keep a glass or bottle of water handy, especially while vaping. 

Change E-Liquid Ratio

As well as making you dehydrate faster, Propylene Glycol can irritate your throat. Switching to a higher Vegetable Glycol ratio could do the trick, just make sure your tank and coils are suitable for a higher VG mix. VG is thicker and can cause smaller coils to clog and burn out quicker. 

Try A Different Device 

Your device might be working against you! It could be too powerful and/or have too much airflow. The more power a device has, the more vapour it creates and the hotter it gets. By getting a lower powered device or change the settings (if you can) on your current one and slowly build up to more power. 

Check the Coil

It’s good practice to keep your device clean and make sure to check your coils regularly. At first, it can be a little hard to judge when a coil needs replacing and for each vaper, its different. There are many factors to consider when it comes a coils lifespan however generally its between 1-2 weeks. If your e-liquid flavour starts to change that’s the first sign that the coil is on the way out. Once it starts to taste burnt, you’ll know about it and it’s time to change the coil. 

Don’t Confuse it With “Smokers Cough”

If you’re an ex-smoker, smokers cough doesn’t just go away overnight (unfortunately). Your body needs time to heal and get rid of the gunk and phlegm that has built up. This can take a few weeks to months to get rid of but completely normal. 

Take Your Time 

Go at your own pace and experiment with how you vape. It can take a little bit of time to adjust especially for ex-smokers, just remember that’s normal. Over time it gets easier and the more experience you get the better experience you will have. 

If it is really bothering you and you aren’t enjoying it, let us know. You might have the incorrect set up or e-liquid that isn’t working for you and we can help! 


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