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Common Vaping Myths Debunked Volume 3

The third instalment to the busting vape myths series. Fake news continues to create myths and misconceptions that like a plume of cloud, get blown out of proportion. So, what are some more common myths about vaping? Where and how do these come about and more importantly what is fact from fiction? This blog is going to explore these in a bit more detail and debunk them! Time to get comfortable, top up your e-juice if you haven’t already done so, maybe grab a beverage and let’s get into it!

E-Liquids are Dangerous – You Don’t Know What’s in Them

There are 3 main ingredients in e-liquid and a optional 4th being liquid nicotine. The 3 main ingredients are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and natural/artificial flavouring that are all food grade. PG, VG and flavouring are in many consumable products from food, drinks, cosmetics and even medication. Checking what’s in e-liquid is simple, like all consumable products they are listed on the label.

Vaping is More Expensive than Cigarettes

The initial outlay for a device, e-liquid and in some cases external batteries normally cost more than a packet of durries. However, the ongoing costs such as e-liquid and replacement parts (coils) works out much cheaper in the long run.

Vape Devices Contain Tobacco

Vape devices aren’t designed to be used with dry tobacco or any traditional tobacco products. For a vape device to work, e-liquid is used and heated at high temperature to turn into vapour. While there are many e-liquid flavours that mimic traditional tobacco flavours, they don’t contain actual tobacco.

Vaping is Only About Producing Big Clouds

Majority of people that take up vaping are doing so to quit smoking. There are vapers that enjoy devices that produce big clouds, they are commonly called “cloud chasers”. However, not all devices and e-liquids are designed to produce big clouds. There are many devices for those who prefer a more discreet vape. It’s all about the person, the device and they type of e-liquid being used for the experience they want.

Vaping is Only for Young People

There is no such thing as being too old to either start vaping or to be a vaper!  There is a misconception that devices and e-juice flavours are targeted for kids to start vaping but that’s simply not the case. The only age restriction for vaping in Australia is it’s for adults 18 years and older, and it is illegal to sell vaping products to minors.

Have you heard any other statements that make you go hmmm is that true? Let us know and we will find the truth.


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