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Common Vaping Myths Debunked – Volume 1

Fake news creating myths and misconceptions are spread around way too often by unresearched theories and vaping opponents. Everyone has the right to their own opinion it’s just unfortunate that it’s more common to share the negatives about almost everything and anything. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked “don’t you know that tattoos are for life?” or be told “that’s going to look great when you’re 80”. Vaping brings out similar eye rolling statements from friends, family and even from total strangers.

So, what are the most common myths about vaping? Where and how do these come about and more importantly what is fact from fiction? This blog is going to explore some of these in a bit more detail and debunk them! Time to get comfortable, top up your e-juice if you haven’t already done so, maybe grab a beverage and let’s get into it!

E-Juice Contains AntifreezeMyth Blog

What is Antifreeze? Antifreeze is a engine coolant that helps regulate car engines during extreme temperatures. When temperatures outside change from hot to cold the coolant maintains an even temperature and also helps to prevent corrosion. Sounds like a great additive to E-Juice!

Where did this myth come from?

One of e-juice’s main ingredients is Propylene Glycol (PG) which is found in a wide range of consumer goods. Food, beauty products and even medicine such as asthma inhalers but.. it’s also an ingredient in, you guessed it, antifreeze! It isn’t hard to see how this myth became fake news but just to be clear:

  • Propylene Glycol is Propylene Glycol
  • Some antifreeze brands contain Propylene Glycol
  • Antifreeze isn’t in Propylene Glycol
There are no studies finding Propylene Glycol itself to be toxic or harmful to humans when consumed.

Vaping Contains Formaldehyde GasMyth Blog

What is Formaldehyde Gas? A pungent smelling gas that is used in building materials and many household products from glue to plywood. Exposure to this gas can cause short term issues such as, nausea, skin irritation, burning sensation in the eyes, nose, and throat. Prolonged exposure causes many serious health concerns including cancer.

Where did this myth come from?

Way back in the day a study was conducted to test formaldehyde levels in vaping as it is also found in cigarettes. A device was used in it’s normal setting range and no formaldehyde could be detected, that is until the wattage was cranked way up to the point that the coil was so badly burnt traces were discovered. In order to produce formaldehyde in a vape device, you would have to get your coil so overheated to pretty much melting and burnt it wouldn’t even be vapeable.

A study conducted by the CDC in 2018 confirmed the original testing to be “bogus” .

Vaping Creates Smoke For Myth Blog

What is smoke? A collection of airborne particles, chemicals and gases that get emitted when a material and/or substance is burned.

There is a huge difference between smoking and vapour! Smoke is created by fire, vaping doesn’t use fire it uses heat to turn liquid into vapour. Like boiling water on a stove or kettle, steam is created when water is heated to evaporation levels, not set on fire.

Where did this myth come from?

It’s more of a common misconception than a myth. Just because it looks like smoke, a lot of people just assume it is however, they couldn’t be more different. If you would like to know more about the differences, check out Difference Between Smoking and Vaping.

Vaping produces 100% flame free vapour

Second-hand Vape is Worse Than Second-hand Cigarette Smoke

What is second-hand vapour? Just like second-hand smoke, vapour is exhaled into the air and lingers around long enough for another person(s) nearby to breathe it in.

We all know that second-hand cigarette smoke can be just as harmful as smoking. The government has put together massive campaigns banning smoking in cars with children and created designated smoking areas in public for this reason. There are thousands of chemicals found in smoke, regardless if it’s from a cigarette or a bush fire, all smoke is nasty.

E-juice is heated, not burned. It doesn’t go through a combustion process for there to be chemical changes like there is with cigarettes. While there are still chemicals in vapour, it is 95% less harmful than second-hand cigarette smoke.

Vapour is less harmful than smoke.

Vaping Causes Popcorn Lung Myth Blog

What is Popcorn Lung? Medically known as Bronchiolitis Obliterans. A condition that damages the lungs smallest airways making you cough and feel short of breath. One of the known causes of this condition is when the powdered form of a flavouring called Diacetyl is inhaled. Diacetyl is used in some food products such as microwave popcorn giving it its buttery flavour. Many workers in a microwave popcorn factory developed this condition from not wearing respirators and many years of breathing in the powdered form, hence the term “Popcorn Lung”.

How did Popcorn Lung become associated with vaping?

In the past this additive was used by some e-liquid manufacturers for flavours such as buttery and custard varieties. Those trying to discredit vaping reported this possible link to popcorn lung and yep, it went global. Now it’s worth pointing out a few things here:

  • To date, no vaper in the world has developed this condition due to vaping
  • Diacetyl is also produced between 300 – 750 times higher in conventional cigarettes (compared to e-liquid containing Diacetyl)
  • To date, no smoker in the world has developed this condition due to smoking

Since this made headlines around the world, almost all e-liquid manufacturers took note and removed this ingredient from their flavouring just to be safe.

Here at JVA, we can assure you that our e-juices do not contain diacetyl.


This concludes Common Vaping Myths Debunked Volume 1. I hope this has been an informative read on how and why these myths have come about. Sadly, there are too many to go through in just one blog however I will be bringing more debunked myths to you in the future.

Happy Vaping!

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