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Basic Battery Safety and Safe Keeping

We all use them but are we using them safely? It may not have even been a second thought? Well it should be. We have all heard about exploding devices however, what actually explodes, is the battery. They aren’t cheap, cheap ones don’t last and they aren’t all the same. However, there is one thing they all have in common, they can be very dangerous. No matter if they are internal or external, battery safety is essential for all battery-operated devices, vapes are no exception.

This blog is going to go through some of the frequently asked questions as well as some tips on how to keep you and your device safe. Time to get comfortable, top up your e-juice if you haven’t already done so, maybe grab a beverage and let’s get into it!

Covering off the Types

The most common external battery used are lithium 18650. Why? Because of their ability to store and output a lot of energy make them ideal for high powered devices. Other popular types include 2070021700 and 26650. Your device will recommend the type of battery to use for that device.

Safe Way to Carry External Batteries Battery Blog D3

There are two things that are the worst to run out of, e-juice and battery power. Carrying an extra set or two ensures you’re set for the day/night. Though if they aren’t stored safely, they are highly likely to get damaged and become dangerous. If they are loose in a bag or pocket, they risk coming into contact with metal objects and/or the integrity of the wrapping can become compromised. Silicone Cases are a great way to keep your batteries safe either on the go or at home/work. These cases come in a range of sizes ensuring a snug fit. They also come in a range of colours and sizes for singledual or quad.

Internal Battery Safety

Internal batteries can become compromised if the device gets dropped or wet. Unlike external batteries that can be easily replaced, ones with internals will mean getting a new mod. Luckily most built in battery devices have safety features that wont allow the device to be used if there is damage.

External Battery Wraps Batter Blog D3

Not only do wraps make your batteries look good, but they are also more important than you think. The wrapping acts as a negative terminal that provides a safe protective barrier for each battery. Even the smallest hole or rip can cause the biggest problems like venting. You should be checking your batteries each time you change them over for any signs of damage (not just to the wrapping). If there is damage to the wrap, don’t use it until it has been rewrapped. Wraps are super cheap and we can also rewrap them in store for you too!

Check out our wrap selections for 18650 and 26650.

Battery Marriage battery blog D3

This strange term is used not just for vape devices, but anything that uses multiple batteries. It’s the short way of saying that batteries that are used together must stay together “until death do part”. For example, you have been using a pair of batteries in a device and one gets damaged. The undamaged battery cannot be used with another battery so either responsibly dispose it or if it is fairly new it can be used for something that requires a single battery.

Can you Mix Old and New Batteries?

No, see Battery Marriage above. Mixing old and new can create more stress on one battery making it work harder if the older one isn’t putting out enough power. This can create the overworked battery to vent, which can be very dangerous.

Can you Mix Battery Brands?

No. Batteries are made differently across brands. It’s almost like mixing old and new batteries together. By mixing brands it may cause one to work harder than the other because of how its made. Due to this, It’s not recommended to mix battery brands.

Charging Rechargeable Batteries Battery Blog

Even though devices that use external batteries have a USB re-charge option, it’s not recommended to use that method to recharge. USB charging is extremely slow, and it can charge multi batteries unevenly. An external battery charger is the best way to go to ensure your batteries are charged safely and correctly. Correctly recharging your batteries will help their lifespan and integrity. Need an external charger? You can find them here.

Charging Internal Battery Devices

Only tip to know here is not to leave your device on charge for extended periods of time after it has fully charged. It doesn’t do the battery any favours or make it last longer in fact, it can do the opposite.  Once the device has fully charged remove the USB cable. If you want the battery to last longer turn off  your device between vape sessions.

When Should You Get New Batteries?

This depends on usage. If you are a heavy vaper and are recharging your batteries daily, you should be replacing them every 6 months. For low to moderate users, every 12 months.

Thermal Runaway and Venting

Thermal Runaway is when a battery cell gets overheated due to overcharging or being used when damaged. Essentially it breaks down and that’s when they become dangerous. What happens during thermal runaway is the battery venting hot gasses, flames and in extreme cases explode. Batteries get warm during use, if your device feels really warm/hot after a vape session, don’t use it again until it has cooled down.


This is just covering off basic battery safety, it is a big topic and a important one. I will be going into these topics again in more detail down the track so keep checking regularly. The biggest tip is to make sure your batteries are always in good working order. Always check them when you are changing them over for signs of any damage. For internal battery devices, check the device for any cracks and if it’s taking longer to charge than usual it may be time to get a new mod. If you have any questions about battery safety, don’t hesitate to contact the shop.

Happy vaping!

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