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Airflow and Vaping

Have you ever accidentally touched your tank after or while vaping and immediately regretted it? If you have been lucky enough not to, it’s not recommended to try it, coils get hot! They are designed to heat liquid at high temperatures to turn it into vapour, that’s their main function. Heat is essential for vaping but what has airflow got to do with it?

How does airflow affect vaping? No matter the device, airflow has a big impact not just with cloud production but flavour and coil preservation as well.  Having a better understanding about airflow and its affects can change the way you vape. Depending on your tank, you may have figured this out without even realising it.

How does airflow affect vaping?

Airflow is not just about inhaling and exhaling big thick clouds. Its main purpose is to cool not just the coil but also the vapour you inhale. Speed and the amount of airflow that passes through the coil alters the flavour and temperature of the vapour.

Low airflow increases the flavour of your juice, but don’t go restricting your flow just yet boys and girls! Be prepared as low airflow can feel harsher as the vapour hasn’t had enough time to cool during use.

High airflow cools the vapour faster however decreases the flavour of your juice. More airflow basically dilutes the flavour as higher/faster airflow doesn’t give enough time for flavour to mix with the flow.

In a nutshell

Low airflow = more flavour and warmer/harsher vape

High airflow = less flavour and cooler/smoother vape

Finding your Sweet Spot

“Sweet spot” refers to your perfect settings of both airflow and wattage for the coil you are using that gives you the best flavour and feel. Finding it is trying out different wattage, coil and airflow combinations (best when the coil has been broken in). Unfortunately the sweet spot isn’t a one size fits all as we each have our own flavour and feel preferences. Thankfully finding it has become a lot easier as tanks have evolved with coil range and better adjustable airflow ability offering greater precision. Almost all have two airflow slots while some like the Horizon Falcon 2 have three that are located at either the top or near the base.

Not all devices have manual adjustable wattage range features. Finding the sweet spot with first and second generation vape devices such as Pen Style can be done, its just a little trickier. While you can’t set a specific wattage there is a way to be in different ranges and its all in the coil choice.

For example, the Joyetech Exceed D19 complete kit comes with the Exceed D19 tank and two EX Coil options:

  1. EX 1.2oHm only allows the device to run anywhere between 8 – 15W
  2. EX 0.5oHm only allows the device to run anywhere between 20 – 35W

Trying out compatible coils with different wattage ranges as well as adjusting the airflow will get you there.

It’s all about preference

There is no right or wrong airflow setting when it comes to how you vape. You might like the warmer feeling, you may like the cooler feeling, it’s up to you. Its one of the best things about vaping, you can tailor your preferences however you want, whenever you want.

Keep it clean

A dirty tank can also affect airflow as sometimes juice or burnt wick can end up where it shouldn’t be. Keeping your tank and coils clean is a good habit to get into. It can also help prolong the life of your coil by not making it work as hard if it doesn’t have too. Always check the manufactures instruction manual on what parts can be cleaned to avoid any potential damage. Tips on how to clean your tank can be found here

Go with YOUR Flow

So hopefully now you have a better understanding on airflow and its affects. If your current tanks performance isn’t giving you the experience your after, have a chat with our friendly staff on possible alternatives.

Happy Vaping!

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