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A Quick Guide To Selecting E-Juice Flavours


A journey all vapours go on, with so many to choose from it may seem like a difficult one but it’s nothing like dropping off a precious into a Mordor volcano. Finding your vaping preferences is all about experimentation as what works for one person my not necessarily work for you. This blog is just a quick guide to help select flavours if you are just starting out.

Personal Preference

If you are starting vaping to quit smoking, it can be a good idea to get a tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Many tobacco blends mimic the taste of popular brands including menthol.  Especially if you are going nicotine free, tobacco flavours can help even more to replicate a real cigarette.

Feeling adventurous and want to try something different? One of the easiest ways to choose a vape flavour is to go with flavours you already like. Luckily, with so many to choose from the hardest part is normally what to pick first.

An easy first pick would be a single flavour option. Picking your favourite fruit is a good way to go as they are more predictable. A little more on the creative side are the multiple flavour blends that mimic other foods and drinks. These tend to be a little sweeter and creamier options with tones of custard or yogurt blended in the flavour mix. There are even lip smacking sour predominate e-juices and coffee lovers aren’t forgotten about either.

Sample, Sample, Sample

It’s impossible to know until you try so grabbing a few 30ml bottles of different flavours is recommended. Just remember, before filling your tank with a new flavour to change the coil otherwise you will get flavour transfer instead of the true flavour of the new e-juice.

Single flavour varieties (as well as some blends) can be found in our Standard Range. Blends can be found in our Dragon, Green & Gold and, T-Juice Range. Have a read of the description of each flavour to get an idea of what it will be like.

Still Need a Little Help?

Ask us! We can tell you the best sellers or help match you to a flavour when we know what you like. No doubt in the end you will have more than one flavour to satisfy your taste buds!


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